On hentai and good hearts: An intimate Q&A with Matrixxman

Photo by BUFF $LUT

We didn’t ask for a clinical diagnosis, but we’ll run with it. Mainly because we have no choice — you have to take our neighborhood beats producer Matrixxman, a.k.a. Charlie McCloud Duff, as he is cuz crazy aural genius. He does a thing for us with his metallic echoes and ’90s rap keyboard chords and somewhat misanthropic (as geared towards meat people, not able-bodied cyber sexbots/beloved Weird Twitter residents) Internet personality, all things pumped out at a healthy pace from his perch at Different Fur Studios in the Mission District.

Witness the Matrixxman hip-hop period, disappearing in your rearview mirror. It’s at a close, he e-nformed us this week, while he focuses in on his primary partner, house music. The shift has manifested itself on a sartorial level with Charlie — goodbye Hilfiger and Chicago Bulls sweats, hey GQ buttondowns and sharp new haircut. But let’s us remember the good times, like the gamechanging tracks for Le1f and Mykki Blanco (and a suite of ’em for AHDM4U Issue 1 baby Dick Van Dick). La Blanco inviting Matrixxman to sit king-like in a chair onstage during her recent show at the Mezzanine, a procession of club kids and drag performers flinging themselves into Duff’s lap  for cute selfie opps and a break from rave dance. He’s that comfort spot for a culture posse raised on TMI and increasingly indecipherable acronyms, tyvm.

And yes, those heavy-hitting techno vinyls get love on Pitchfork and whatnot. He has approximately 8,000 vinyl releases on the way for various boutique labels.

Which is exciting to talk about. But we preferred to hear about why he posts so much Sonic the Hedgehog hentai on the Internet, so strap on your trenchcoats and tiny round sunglasses.

Some images to keep in your head while we do this:


 AHDM4U Hi Matrixxman. How long do you spend on a computer a day?

MATRIXXMAN 12+ hours a day.

AHDM4U Who is Matrixxman? How’s he different from Charlie Duff?

MATRIXXMAN Matrixxman is a man who is somehow trapped inside the digital realm. He is an avatar who was at one time fully human. He gets a tad lonely and subsequently wishes to be extricated from his virtual scenario at times. He got stuck inside the matrix sometime early 2012.  He has no connection with Charlie Duff as far as I know.

AHDM4U How does having a social media presence (besides using your profiles to share show and new release data) help your music career?

MATRIXXMAN It provides fans and followers a certain degree of interactivity that you ordinarily might not have access to. A certain portion of artists prefer to make themselves exclusive and aloof however I feel that most people legitimately enjoy the fact that you can engage with a persona and get some sort of reciprocity.

AHDM4U Your most favorite part about the Internet?


AHDM4U Your least favorite part about the Internet?


AHDM4U Most touching reaction to something you’ve posted online?

MATRIXXMAN Someone who listened to my music on their birthday and started simultaneously screaming and crying out of joy.

AHDM4U Most disturbing?

MATRIXXMAN Someone saying my shit really sucked.

AHDM4U Who are your best Internet friends? What kinds of presences do you find yourself interacting with the most?

MATRIXXMAN My best internet friends are Heroin Granola, Sassydad, #Top8 and Lambzleg. I find myself interacting with genuine weirdos who have good hearts but also look like they belong in some sort of anime.

AHDM4U At what point were you like, fuck it I’m just going to start posting hentai on here?

MATRIXXMAN The moment I figured out how to use a computer.

Stalk Matrixxman this weekend in San Francisco:

Fri/19: Lights Down Low Summer Sessions with Cajmere and Harvard Bass

Sun/21: Daytime Realness

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