Cowboys in Silicone: Avant Couture w/ Bay Area Rapper Micahtron

AHDM4U celebrated the release of Bay Area rapper Micahtron’s newest single and video “Use it Like a Bumper” a few weeks back in one of our Wknd Updates — now we are hella stoked to feature Micah in her role as muse for Jim Zormeir’s meticulously crafted silicone fashion clothing line Company Cubed, or as he nicknames it, C3.

Michatron in Company Cubed

C3 lives somewhere between this world and a cybernetic universe of flowers inspired by Walter Van Beirendonck, Margiela and Michael Jackson. Zormeir also finds fuel for his molded creations from the Internet’s most creative young people — performance artist boychild, self proclaimed dark-wave avant-pop artist Metal Mother and LA rapper Brooke Candy.

AHDM4U and C3 joined forces to transform Micah into our futuristic space cowboy ready for a lyrical battle, obvs in neon green silicone chaps. This shoot also features model Carleigh Wamburg in a mask piece that Darth Vader’s club-going offspring would die for. It’s the future people. Plus, it all happened on a country Western themed saloon set in the Mission’s Armory.

Micah is currently in the works of writing and arranging a new EP, and looking to release her single “Bumper” on the local label Lé Heat by Sept 1st. But before we let you get to the photos, check out what Micah had to say about her fashion inspirations, and what can make being a female rapper in our current culture difficult.

AHDM4U: Have you always been into fashion?

Micahtron: Pretty much, I grew up on name brand streetwear, and my mom always kept us in the latest threads. So you can say I’ve been conditioned to look nice.

AHDM4U: Who are some of your fashion inspirations/icons?

Micahtron: Right now one of my biggest inspirations is [producer and designer] tAz Arnold aka Ti$a! I’m all for his look!

AHDM4U: Tell us one low and one high about being a queer female rapper.

Micahtron: A low, people having expectations solely based on looking at you, what your wearing and your sexuality.

A high, being different in a world of entertainers, and totally being accepted based on presenting that “difference” in your art.

Stylist and Designer: Jim Zormier of Company Cubed

Models: Michatron & Carliegh Wamburg

Creative Director: Kelly Lovemonster

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