Cover image: Local entrepreneur Blake Cedric checks out the hoi polloi of Ryan McGinley’s “Yearbook” at Ratio 3.

San Francisco has changed a lot in the last four years. Remember when public nudity was legal? How about LoveFEST in the Civic Center? That time of boots with the fur with the dubstep with the rave with the whole bunch of people on molly for the first time — okay, maybe it was okay to lose LoveFEST. Yesterday the news came down that SFPD is “cleaning up” the Mid-Market area by getting rid of all the cute older people of color and their chess games. If you ask me (hey, it’s Kelly!), the chess players weren’t exactly Mid-Market’s biggest problem.

But enough with the Debbie Downer news. It’s the week before Folsom Street Fair, a quintessential event that reminds us of the transgressively beautiful, debaucherous, naked (yay for temporary event permits!) city we wish it could be year-round. Amid your prep, I highly encourage everyone to go get tested at City Clinic, the Women’s Community Clinic, Lyon Martin, or any of the numerous SF facilities that want to low-cost help you get hella sexy next weekend. Knowing where your sexual health stands is cute for you — and that casual rendezvous you may have next week.

Get into that, and get into this: next week we release our very first AHDM4U Sex Issue. That means an amazing Folsom Street Fair guide, Caitlin and I getting extremely personal with the help of Courtney Trouble, insider news on the world of porn, and yessss fashion. We’re even hosting our very first AHDM4U-sponsored event. It involves strip clubs.

For now, the best places to practice cruising, courtesy of your AHDM4U editors:

>>AMERICA’S CUP FINAL RACE (PLEASE!) Admittedly, when we wrote last weekend about the America’s Cup race we thought it was the last one. Who would have thought that AHDM4U could fail to grasp the intricacies of sailing rules? After Caitlin voyaged down to the Embarcadero and the rich person’s playground (America’s Cup Pavilion) our city’s money helped build, we realized a. it’s not over yet, and b. it’s toootally worth crashing, especially if you can sneak a magnum of champagne in past security to lounge on the raffia beds under the white hospitality tents (where yes, you can order Farina pizza and $14 Mumm Napa cocktails if you meet a nice boat owner.) Today may be the last race between USA and New Zealand, so hustle down. Or just gaze upon the wonder here:


>>RYAN MCGINLEY: “YEARBOOK” Until quite recently we had no idea this gorgeous gallery space was right around the corner from our cat-filled apartment. Sometimes it takes an uber-hipster New York photog to get you to discover the magic in your own backyard, we guess. Of which we speak: Ryan McGinley’s floor-to-ceiling installation (see: the top image on this post), perfect for perving on NYC’s downtown elite in their altogether. Bonus points if you can spot your summer fling’s ass on the wall, or boychild’s sultry slump.


>>GREEK FOOD FESTIVAL Have y’all ever Googled Greek wrestling? Take a moment. Now, we can’t promise that there will be a whole bunch of hot men lathering themselves in 100% extra virgin olive oil, but this is San Francisco and stranger things have happened. We can promise that this Greek Festival is going to be a hot, sizzling, savory afternoon of spiraling lamb shanks, moist balls of falafel and obvs, our beloved baklava.


>>Мишка SUMMER SALE ‘N’ PARTY This DJ’d in-store get-together, kicking off three days of 75 percent discounts on clothes, is not where you will be finding your Folsom look — unless of course you list among your turn-ons bloodshot eyeball leggings, horoscope print backpacks or store-exclusive SF stoner tee designs. Brooklyn streetwear brand Mishka’s empire expansion brought it to the Mission earlier this year, and now that manager Chris Brennan (heretofore known about town for his cute editorial and nightlife photography) has successfully installed a ceramic octopus chandelier and creepy clown in the window, he’s ready to party. Dude even has a line on a Jarritos sponsorship for dubiously mixed cocktails galore, so if you haven’t checked out this tiny, hip closet, now’s a good time to go get lewks. BIG S/O to our bb Hawa Arsala of Browntourage for pointing out why this event’s Facebook name is a big bummer.


>>BEATPIG: THE BABY DADDY EDITION SoMa promo-slut Walter, Juanita More, and DJ Sidekick are back this month with all the pork rinds, sexy go-gos, pants-free fashion, and leather daddies possible to fit into one dark Folsom bar. Come kick it with us at this Folsom “pre-pre-pre-party,” where we just may be shooting footage for next week’s Sex Issue. We’ll probably be wearing something slutty, shockingly enough.

And OMG please bring cash so you can get your boots shined by the lovely Luna. Luna makes you feel like the only daddy in the world while she meticulously buffs the corners and crevices of your boots. As always, this week’s Beatpig is a benefit for the Transgender Law Center.


>>JACK SPADE GENTRIFICATION TALK While some may consider Valencia Street long-lost in the battle for the Mission District, the announcement that the storefront Adobe Books’ was recently kicked out of on 16th Street would soon be filled by national chain menswear store Jack Spade has been met with some … consternation. Views on the store’s impact on the once-indie strip have been split (Mission Mission did a rad, extremely informative map showing where your favorite taquerias, dive bars, and home design showrooms stand on the issue), and today’s panel discussion, featuring reps from business associations and anti-Jack Spade citizen’s groups, promises to be full of spirited discussion. A Spanish interpreter will be present, so more people’s voices can be heard in the matter.


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