Cover images: Gave Good Face (Thu), Cle Torres gets spanked at the East Bay’s Club Fist (Sun, photo by Devilla Trap), Drewnicorn vamps at Dark Room (Sat, photo by Kevin Sniecynski)

How to spend your wicked week, from the best free photobooth to t-shirt sales to yeah duh parties


DIRTY ALLEY A four-hour set from DJ Taco Tuesday mark this gear-up for gear week. Hella giveaways from Mr. S and other local sex companies — and burly musclepups dancing on the bar. POWERHOUSE // 9PM-3AM // $5 // MORE 


TOUCH OUR JUNK Due to some vagaries of legal system, SF’s totes nude gay strip club and Polk Street stalwart Nob Hill Theater can have kegs. Leave it to the Honey Soundsystem/Hard French kids to figure that one out — in advance of Sunday’s mega-Folsom-after-party Deviants, the crew is stoking your flames with a pregame-perfect event at one of our city’s most historic sexy spots. You’ll be able to buy $25 tickets to Sunday’s can’t-miss Deviants party after Folsom, and did we mention that AHDM4U is the official media sponsor and that Kelly and Caitlin will be hosting the event? Down to honor the history of sex work here in SF. And get drunk. Let’s queer the hell outta this place, bring singles. NOB HILL THEATER // 8:30-11PM // $7 // MORE

CUB CAMP The Toronto fur party makes its way to SF for the first time, and went out of its way to recruit sexy talent in the DJ booth: our angel Taco Tuesday, DJ Scooter, and DJ Guy Ruben.

THE LOOKOUT // 9PM-2AM // $7 // MORE

GAVE GOOD FACE POP-UP SALE SF, you know this babes, is not known for its fashion scene. But thankfully there are some majorly adorable lines of the tee and hat variety currently operating in this city. Exhibit A, Jess Cuevas’ Gave Good Face, which utilizes clubtalk catchphrase (Cuevas’ No Tee No Shade collaboration “GAG” shirts are everywhere rn) and ’90s glamour imagery (we die for the Queen L shirt). Our neighborhood hangout Virgil’s is hosting this pre-Folsom pop-up today in the bar — go buy lewks. VIRGIL’S // 7PM // FREE // MORE


STEAM This week’s pants-free couture king (see our feature on his Folsom style later this week) Walter Gomez hosts his monthly shower-themed party, geared towards self care and liberal application of poppers. POWERHOUSE // 9PM-2AM // $8 // MORE

SOME THING MANLY The wisened crones of AHDM4U can’t party so hearty like, all week long (important to look cute at our day jobs), so tonight we council kicking back with some brewskies and watching the town’s top queens butch it up. Juanita More headlines the weekly alt-drag double show, with Dean Dizaster, Amoania, and Dulce de Leche among those grabbing their crotches onstage. THE STUD // 10PM-3AM // FREE // MORE


THE INFAMOUS FOLSOM UNIFORM PARTY What you say, there’s nothing for the ladies this week? AHDM4U is highly supportive of treating all the events we’ve listed as free-for-alls as far as gender is concerned, but here’s a party that is explicitly, hungrily, geared towards the leatherbian. Power babes Jenna Riot and Leah Perloff are spinning jams on jams on jams and if you wear a uniform (um, you should), you get a free shot before 11pm.

Photo by Shot in the City


BUTCH QUEEN Judging from our sissy mag from up north Nark’s documentation, Butch Queen is the sloppy queer mess we wanna be at in Seattle, and the party (whose organizers say they copped its turn-up acumen from the Bay Area to begin with) comes to us this weekend to save us a plane ticket. Maybe this isn’t a Folsom shindig per se, but with a theme like “Pearls and Grease”, we’re willing to loosen up our definition (per usual). JELLY BEAN WAREHOUSE // 947 61ST ST. OAKLAND // $5-10 SLIDING SCALE // MORE

DARK ROOM AHDM4U recently made it out for the first time to resident dj Le Perv and host Lady Bear’s goth-glam throwdown in the haunted (we’ve heard recent confirmation) red velvet basement of Cafe Du Nord and loved. The century-old backdrop is perfect for Bear’s gaggle of freaked-out death dolls, who will be sweeping around while Vain Hein accompanied by Daddies Plastik and Brittney Berg perform, dark electronica reigns via High Functioning Flesh and DJ Justin Anastasi, and a spanking booth swings into effect. CAFE DU NORD // 9:30PM-2AM // MORE

LUTHER Cobble together an allegiance of Honey Soundsystem and likeminded counterculture queers from across the country (Provincetown’s Fag Bash, NYC’s Wrecked, Washington DC’s Needle Exchange), add a gimp mask, and you have Luther. The party’s Folsom edition packs into the club with the trippiest mirrored green room in town, get you some.

1192 FOLSOM // 10PM-4AM // $15-20 ADVANCE // MORE


FOLSOM STREET FAIR Respect to the reason for the season, y’all. The Folsom Street Fair is one of the biggest outdoor kink events in the world, operates on donations, and still manages to give thousands of dollars to local non-profits every year. This is a cute thing, and your pervy little heart will swell if you manage to wake up early enough to traipse to the fairgrounds. Local porn companies stage live BDSM shows, you can buy kinky crafts from booths galore, and the really really cute outfits come out in force. Don’t miss.


GLORY HOLE How we said this is not a total vanity project? We are unafraid of explicit self promo here at AHDM4U, especially when the thing is Walter Gomez’s slutty day party in a bourgie wine bar that opens right onto the Folsom Street Fair grounds. Caitlin will be working the door on the early side of things, making it the perfect place to see her DIY kitty costume before all the buttons fall off. This is actually literally the best place to get a cute cocktail when you need a dance break from tramping around amongst the daddies. DJs Juan Garcia, Sergio … last time the party was so good we had security trying to shut us down pretzel vendors giving us free boxes of carbs, it was astounding ❤ TANK 18 // 1-10PM // $5 OR $3 WITH FOLSOM STICKER // MORE 

REFUGE Such an interesting phenomenon, the classy new SoMa space letting our freaky friends throw parties in them. We approve, and are stoked to kick it in the expansive, nowhere-near-as-grimy-as-it-sounds, recently-opened Folsom Foundry for Shot in the City’s Folsom photobooth party. This is thee place to make sure your new harness is properly immortalized, and the FB invite’s assertion it’s the best bar for a Folsom beer with no wait is probs true as well. FOLSOM FOUNDRY // 4-9PM // FREE BEFORE 6PM, $5 AFTER // MORE

DEVIANTS Hard French and Honey Soundsystem (with the help of DJ Olga T, Matrixxman, and resident of Berlin’s Berghain Boris) are once again throwing the official Fair after-party, and this year it’s inside the gates of the fairgrounds themselves so you don’t have to stumble anywheres in your slutgear — or go to Public Works! There’s gonna be like 2,000 people there, it’s mega. Look at the promo video by Caitlin’s roommate Jorge Portillo — totally nonsensical! Just the mind state you’ll be in by this point in the weekend.

BEATBOX // 4:30PM-2AM // $25 ADVANCE/$35 AT DOOR // MORE

CLUB FIST Congratulations to our darling photog and budding kinky party impresario Cle Torres a.k.a. Johnny Rose for last month’s Club Fist success: “It took three tries, but we finally got a live fisting on stage,” she told us when we made an all-too-infrequent voyage across the bridge for the Mykki Blanco’s Initiation tour. Freaks in the know tell us Club Fist is the party to watch in the Bay Area, so if you’re ready for East Bay dark after all the in-city slick of Folsom, head out to catch performance by San Cha, go-go-ing by the Fistettes (formerly Lusty Lady dancers), and an XXX stage show by transman porn heartthrob James Darling. STORK CLUB // 9PM-2AM // PRICE TBD // MORE

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