As much as our lives will never be the same, “Pour It Up” came out last week guys. Move on with us, won’t you, to new releases by some of AHDM4U’s favorite artists ❤

Oscar Key Sung – It’s Coming

This video was released in early July and escaped widespread American notice. It features Australian singer-songwriter Oscar Key Sung in some futuristic world being hella casual and hella cute.

Psycho Egyptian – Pretty Boy

Watch for a royal cameo by Bay native jewelery designer/heartthrob Schentell.

From the artist: “I’m being absurd. Black Dadaist Nihilisma. Sometimes lyrics become a vessel to express so much more other stuff … The dry cold way by which they were recited [in the “Pretty Boy” video] is supposed to give way to thinking about a dehumanized, post blackness where the conventions of blackness and stereotypes becomes material for art and song making.

It always strikes me that people are so quick to pose black men as misogynist, xenophobic and whatever else but everyone loves Joy Division when their name was taken from a Nazi unit that raped and tortured Jewish girls.”

FKA Twigs – Papi Pacify

Will Sinead O’Connor write to this ascendent Jamaican-Brit dancer to tell her she “doesn’t care about herself” after viewing this BDSM-laced video dream? We think not. Twigs’ latest is a transcendent example of a female musician utilizing sexual themes to enhance already-formidable artistry.

Lauren Devine – Trysexual

Already inspiring hilarious HuffPo posts on #sexuality, we’re still down for the beat on this uber-camp, crotch-grinding video from NYC club kid Devine. Further proof that if you don’t have an appearance by Janiva in your video, you’re not famous yet.

Blood Orange – Chamakay

The first single off of Blood Orange (a.k.a. Dev Hyne)’s nu nu, Cupid Deluxe. He told The Fader that this video shot in Guayana includes actual footage of Hyne meeting his 92 year old grandfather for the first time. We’re dead.

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