Scene :: Nov 7-11

Top image: Photographer Cabure Bonugli shoots unicorns at his Sunday afternoon photofest

AHDM4U attends so many amazing events, and we figured why keep it all to ourselves. Welcome to the Scene bbs! It’s a place where you can relive some of the cool events we put in our Wknd Updates and maybe even be seen.

SHOT ON A SUNDAY  The performance collective Work More wore some major looks for their photoshoot at Cabure Bonguli and Just Shannon’s art party Shot on a Sunday, held at the Folsom Foundry. Top left: Performance artist Mica Sigourney & photographer Robbie Sweeny Top right: Babe in amazing floral shirt Bottom right: The Work More crew getting dolled up

Photos by Kelly Lovemonster

POUND PUPPY Though some randomly placed straight girls rubbing the leather masked go-go pup’s belly did become the sleeper focal point of this monthly’s debut bark, there were plenty planned attractions at the SF Eagle on Saturday that made us yap-happy. Top Left: Go-go pup Top Right: Door babe Boy Young; Doggie obedience training Bottom: On-stage grooming by Tony DiCaro

Photos by Blake Cedric & Caitlin Donohue

NO NO BINGO Monday nights just got hella cute with the premiere of No No Bingo at Virgil’s Sea Room. Drag queen host, stiff drinks, and a collection of the cutest Mission hipsters in one bar. Top row, left to right: Bingo cards; Joyful players; Bartender Tom Temprano serving up some tasty cocktails Bottom row, left to right: DJ Rapid Fire a.k.a. stylist Leah Perloff with Virgil’s signature hot toddies in kitsch mugs

Photos by Kelly Lovemonster

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