All images by Cle Torres; Text by Caitlin Donohue

Yes, we know. The Daddie$ Pla$tik collective, our AHDM4U Emerging Artist Issue San Francisco representatives, live in Oakland. Displacement is a bitch, innit?

We love the Daddie$. You love the Daddie$, no doubt, after seeing them werk backup for Persia on her viral anti-gentrification ditty “Google Google Apps Apps”, the song they’ll play at our funerals when hyper gentrification and barely concealed class warfare finally give us all heart attacks. (Just kidding! Being poor makes you hardy.)

Performance artists Tyler Holmes, San Cha, and Vain Hein, in fact, are kind of like folk heroes for AHDM4U. They wear l o o k s, their art is out there on the edge, but for all that cuteness, they never once lose a step, message-wise. What do the Daddie$ stand for? Do they read the news? No mysteries here.

What’s next? Duh they’re emerging artists, lots. Check for Stop Being Poor, a Daddie$ Pla$tik-Persia EP featuring “Google Google Apps Apps” and some new releases. The collective hopes to eventually establish itself as a record label and production company. In addition to show promotion, video production, and party hosting, all three members of the collective are working on solo albums — San Cha has already released hers, Off Her Throne.

Other reason why you are reading about them in this space: the love and support that the Daddie$ show for one another. “We share everything; clothes, eyelashes,” they told AHDM4U in an email interview. “We perform together, we live together, we help each other with production of music, videos, clothing etc… we eat together, we feed each other when we are broke, we nurse one another when we are bruised (which is often)… WE ARE MARRIED.”

How married? We sent photographer Cle Torres to chill with the Daddie$ at the Oakland house they share while they readied themselves for a gig. Results:

I ride up on my moped and knock on the window. I was surprised that they heard me ’cause they were blaring gay disco of some sort. I enter the home and San Cha was cooking food for everyone, Vain Hein was twiddling with his glow stick nails and brown glistening wig, Persia was peeping out her look in the mirror and Tyler was still at work. The house is a low ceiling situation, with photos of them as kids on the wall, random drawings and Macaulay Culkin. I whip out a bottle of whiskey and everyone gets excited and we pass it around and gossip and chuckle. Eventually Tyler comes home with his outfit already prepared by San Cha, he dismisses one piece of it but is so down with the rest.

The thing most that I love about these queens’ art is that it’s not just about having a pretty face, it’s about having a pretty face, along with a mind enriched with gold.


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 Cle Torres is a butch queen photographer aiming at queer/everybodyz in good color, light, and composition and throws the monthly party disaster that is Club Fist.

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