All photos Nina Andersson; Styling by Christopher Insulander

What’s your idea of the Swedish look? Let Am Mainz say it for you: “Very stylish and strict and predictable.” That’s how fashion designer Alice Shulman and graphic designer Martin Falck volunteered to describe popular (if erroneous) opinion of the aesthetic in their hometown Stockholm.

But while its true the famously clean, gorgeous berg is better known for Ikea-like fashion precision, Am Mainz’s Alice Shulman and Martin Falck are fucking that up a bit. Maybe you’ve heard of Robyn? If you caught the baby/action figure incarnations of Sweden’s darling and Snoop Dogg in their recent “U Should Know Better” video you saw Am Mainz designs in action. Robyn’s actually been wearing Am Mainz “constantly,” according to Am Mainz.

This being the photo Martin and Alice sent us of themselves when we asked for one

The duo’s first collection turned its wearers into Internet blueprint, exposing underarms and hipbones at will. If there was a hellaciously hip character on the deck of the Starship Enterprise, Am Mainz would have filled its closet (especially if said individual had two arms, two legs, fine bone definition).


“We’ve been friends forever and always worked together,” the duo wrote to AHDM4U for our Emerging Artists Issue. “We wanted to go back to the times when we where lying on the floor drawing, when creative output was something a bit more naive, fun and easy.” They say their decision to start the line “Might also been a way to adapt our friendship to ‘working-life,’ or just a really good excuse to spend more time together and maybe have a sort of friendship creative baby.”

No secret here, AHDM4U <3’s friendship creative babies.

At the moment Am Mainz is only available to the hectically stylish — it does limited editions for artists, music videos, photoshoots that they run into on the Internets. But they charmingly, Swedishly hinted that they’d love to be available at Opening Ceremony. So until the day you can cover your body minus hipbones in their stretchy dreams, reflect on their muses:

Our cuty [NOTE FROM EDITOR: CUNTY? CUTEY? WE’RE GONNA LET THIS RIDE, SWEDISHLY] friend Tony … maybe one of the amazing photographers who we always work with, Nina Andersson, her children? Or maybe our fantastic intelligent stylist Christopher Insulander … and of course our Yogacenter pals. We love strong, queer bodies and strong, proud women! We love people who dare to express themselves through clothes and colors!

So down. Cue clothes porn, enlarge any image for maximum sweat:

AM MAINZ COLLECTION #2: “Sophisticated Fun” or “White It’s Not a Color It’s a State of Mind”

See the rest of the Emerging Artist Issue here

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