Long, slow headshake at most promoters who refer to their event as “the greatest party of all time,” but New Orleans’ Corinne Loperfido gets a pass for her hubris. She did, after all, create Big Dick’s House of Big Boobs, a pansexual, DIY pop-up Nola strip club. Everyone sluts out, gets naked, gets monies in a sweaty club, and when it travels – as it did this summer to Los Angeles – it pops up in an underground locale and showcases the genitals of a whole new geographic region. Loperfido, she may be a genius, and Big Dick’s is only the beginning of her MENSA application.

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a renaissance woman.

Essentially, Loperfido creates more colorful worlds. She makes costumes like you wouldn’t believe – let’s start with the gentleman she fashioned herself into for the Krewe Du Nude parade she organized for Mardi Gras, a cohort Loperfido assembled “to be fake naked and wear the most absurd genitals you could.”

Her bent for the bright and brash pops up in a wide swath of mediums – sweetly nasty embroidery, sumptuously-colored club flyers, comic book retellings of Thanksgivings spent in squats, dancing toilet paper drawings, web design … you can even catch her bouncing in the video for Big Freedia’s seminal debut single. You see, Loperfido’s got quite the bag of tricks.

She tells AHDM4U she finds inspiration in people who are excited about their lives – however they’re living them. When it comes to her costumes, she jocks Madame PeripetieEiko IshiokaGareth Pugh – and the thousand unknown denizens of Tumblr.

Not to mention the life she gets from her home of four years, New Orleans. “This city is my ideal habitat in so many profound ways,” Loperfido says. “It’s definitely not for everyone and I think people really need to stop moving here because it’s changing too quickly and things are not being done with respect to the soul of the city. So I try not to talk it up too much, but for me it is the constant costuming, the parades, the freedom to be exactly the person you want to be at all times. My incredibly talented friends and fellow artists, the beautiful trees, the old buildings, the moments that exist each and every day that blow your mind and bring you to tears in the best and worse ways …. Everything …”

Her dream gigs toe the line of fantasy and blur the boundaries of defined sexuality, of course. To whit: “Making jewelry for psychedelic warriors and witches. Also on the side, probably dressing up straight boys in drag. Bonus points if it’s your first time.” Aspiring warrior witches can now check out her by-commission jewelry line Coco Kallisti, and straight fellas, line up for your brush with greatness.

Costume // Krewe Du Nude parade

Installation // “Experiences in the 22nd Dimension” // Sky High Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Costume // Easter Ostara parade 2013

Costume // Photo by Sarrah Danzinger

Costume // Big Dick’s House of Big Boobs // Photo by Deep Fried Photo

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