Back when you lived in a cocoon of glossy beefcake posters that papered your bedroom? When you read the latest Q&A with your sitcom crush forever only to discover her favorite color was also blue? Back when adulation was expressed in a series of starbursts, first names and plastic backpacks you bought at big box supermarkets? When you weren’t even stressing about whether that celeb retweeted you or not? Babes, that was real ❤

This month, AHDM4U takes you back to the good days our seventh issue release, our MASH note to the teenybopper mag, the Heartthrob Issue. Of course, our tastes have evolved a little since middle school. Now we get off on the babes that break, not make, the mold. A few things to look forward to:

~ Interviews with tastemakers from three continents

~ Profiles of crush-worthy movers-and-shakers in community arts, genderqueer fashion, and indie media

~ A phone call between Mica Sigourney and one of AHDM4U’s very most favorite heartthrobs: feminism

YOU TOTALLY CAN’T WAIT? WE FIGURED. The issue releases February 10th and 11th. In the meantime:

1. Go check out the Heartthrob Issue’s illustrator and babe extraordinaire Primo Pitino’s opening at Alley Cat Books

2. RSVP to our issue release party on February 12th

3. Tell us who should be in the issue. S’right, AHDM4U is having its first Reader’s Choice contest. Which one of these gorgeous angels is your heartthrob? Voting starts now and goes through February 10th.


BAAAHS Sheep The Big-Ass Amazingly Awesome Homosexual Sheep (a.k.a. BAAAHS) is part mutant vehicle, part penetrable sculpture, part socio-political statement, and part gay disco. From nose to rear he measures 40-feet long on two levels. He rolled onto the playa (and into the hearts of Black Rock City citizens) in 2013, and by all accounts he had the busiest butt hole on the playa. He’ll be back in 2014!

Black Salt Collective is the work of Sarah Biscarra Dilley, Grace Rosario Perkins, Anna Luisa Petrisko and Adee Roberson. Four women of color artists, healers, tricksters, and visionaries, Black Salt is rooted in the ephemeral and simultaneous, learning the past while creating the future.

Jenna Riot is a fierce-femme flooding the nightlife scene in San Francisco with her booty bouncin’ beats. She keeps the queer scene weird and werqin’ with SF-based parties FIX YR HAIR and SWITCH. A nightlife photographer and body positive fashion icon, she’s a staple of San Francisco queer party scene.

Joanna Riedl is a local San Francisco PR babe who moonlights as a contributor for the fashion and lifestyle website Refinery29.

Jocquese Whitfield (a.k.a. JoQ) is a dancer/choreographer born and raised in San Francisco. A shape-shifter, Jocquese challenges assumptions of sexual identity in dance as he plays with gesture both “masculine” and “feminine”. Jocquese is currently teaching Vogue at Dance Mission Theater and ODC Dance Commons.

Marke B. is your favorite nightlife grandpa and publisher of the San Francisco Bay Guardian. He was once known as the “King of Rave” in long-lost Detroit and currently runs Miss Piggywinkle’s Home for Wayward Drag Queens.

Rocky Yazzie is Diné, born in Shiprock, New Mexico. He’s famous for his traditional frybread, which he sells to the hungry masses at El Rio and other SF locales. Rocky is also a member of Sweatlodge, a garage punk group that will be touring the States in February.

Sunny Angulo has lived and/or worked in San Francisco’s District Six for a decade, and now works for Supervisor Jane Kim on a range of issues from transportation to community development. Prior to joining the District Six office, she worked in media communications and journalism, and ran Supervisor Kim’s 2010 electoral campaign. She currently convenes the District Six Youth Stakeholders Group, Pedestrian Safety Workgroup and Open Space Task Force.

TCB Bike Couriers From AHDM4U contributor Andre Torrez, who nominated these two-wheeled ‘throbs: “Foxy bike messengers. Somehow anyone on a bike just looks hotter. Check out these TCB Couriers and tell me they’re not hot.” Andre, agreed boo.


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