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Denver is home to many beautiful and talented artist. Case in point, AHDM4U heartthrob hair stylist Ashe. We got our supporting evidence from local writer and blogger Aimee Zawacki, who sat down with Ashe to discuss Ashe’s self-titled concept boutique {A•(s)Hē}. This ground breaking store challenges traditional understanding of fashion and shopping. {A•(s)Hē} takes gender and size charts out of the equation, inviting customers to shop without restrictions, COOL! This is easily seen in {A•(s)Hē}’s online store which categorizes clothing into top, bottoms and accessories. Their brick and motor location also offers clientele an opportunity to shop with a personal stylist and have their garments custom tailored, SUPER COOL. And as Zawacki says, “The energy is great in there.”

AHDM4U: The first time we met I was shamelessly flirting with you.

{A•(s)Hē}: Yeah … I immediately started thinking, who could I hook her up with since I’m unavailable.

AHDM4U: Your partner, Jaimie Henthorn, is like a total babe slash performance artist, how’d you lock her down?

{A•(s)Hē}: When we met she was traveling though with a circus group. We had a few random hook-ups and finally I managed to keep her in one place long enough to get her to marry me.

AHDM4U: Cute. So tell me about the title of you concept styling service {A•(s)Hē}. There is a bit of a play in punctuation that references gender identity and pronouns. Can you elaborate?

{A•(s)Hē}: Well my given name is Ashley and my middle initial is “E.” When I started to get into fashion and hair I quickly realized I needed to set myself apart. So I dropped the “ley” in my first name and and added the “e” to make Ashe. I’ve always wanted to use my name for my business. It just so happens that it includes the two basic pronouns he and she. And I am a bit of a word geek, so I thought it was appropriate.

AHDM4U: You casually mentioned to me you wanted to change up your personal style and go “full on bohemian … ”

{A•(s)Hē}: Yeah, my style is sort of a constant conquest and process for me. As soon as I nail it down I am ready to change it up again.

AHDM4U: Well that’s why we love fashion, now isn’t it. You named your fitting process bespokestyle. What does that mean?

{A•(s)Hē}: Bespoke is a British English word that means an item of clothing made to a buyer’s specification, like personalized or tailored. What bespokestyle means at {A•(s)Hē} is that I help clients select a style, find the clothing they want, then tailor the clothes to the perfect fit.

AHDM4U: Cool. All the pieces in your store are also gender-neutral. Have you had to explain this concept to some of your clients, in particular the heterosexual ones? What is that process like?

{A•(s)Hē}: Funny you should ask, I find that the clientele most at ease with this process are heterosexual women. They always tell me how free they feel at {A•(s)Hē}, and how they can finally wear exactly what they want. I find that the queer population, in Denver at least, has really required a lot of explanation. This concept is very foreign to them.

AHDM4U: You spent some time in London, how has that influenced you?

{A•(s)Hē}: London helped open up the high fashion world for me through different jobs like styling hair for London Fashion Week and photo shoots for the Guardian. I was able to establish connections with designers that I now have relationships with through my store, like Lee Miller.

AHDM4U: Your preferred porn genre?

{A•(s)Hē}: Trans.

AHDM4U: Me too. Where were you when Michael Jackson died?

{A•(s)Hē}: Nowhere! That bitch is still alive sitting on an island somewhere in the South Pacific.

AHDM4U: What do you see for the future of {A•(s)Hē}, will you always be a brick and mortar kind of queer?

{A•(s)Hē}: The online store will be up-and-running any day now. I definitely plan to stay brick and mortar to some extent, but my vision is vast.

AHDM4U: Best and worst thing about Denver.

{A•(s)Hē}: You can fly anywhere from here and you have to fly anywhere from here.

AHDM4U: How do you feel about the whole 90’s revival thing?

{A•(s)Hē}: I hope I’m doing it better than the first time around.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR Aimee Zawacki is a femmebot, fashion nerd and lover of pop music living in Denver. She enjoys whiskey and flirting and has a blog named Blaklipstick. She asks that you send her something slutty on Instagram.

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