By Kelly Lovemonster; Photos by Robbie Sweeny

A former gallery space is the perfect home for Polk Street’s newest addition ReLove, a vintage modern resale boutique finely curated by owner Delila Hailechristos. “We were going to paint the floors black, but we decided to first sandblast a small portion to see what the original wood looked like. We discovered we had the most beautiful redwood floors. Needless to say, we kept them.” The magic of ReLove continues in it’s details: a soaring sleek black painted ceiling, a gigantic glass mid-century modern jewelry case and Buck, a massive deer mounted over what once used to be a fireplace in the fitting room area — which may I add feels way more like someone’s cool living room.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the clothes. Vintage rock ‘n’ roll tees, gorgeous kimonos, the sexiest black mesh dress — um, which is no longer there ’cause I had to swoop it up — those are just a few of the items I discovered. “Yeah, and we put out new clothes everyday.” Hailechristos says with a grin. WHAT? New items every day. This is basically my retail heaven, and if you haven’t figured it out yet OBVS, I’m crushing hella hard on SF’s newest retail boo.

AHDM4U: Tell us about Relove.

Relove: ReLove is a resale shop whose philosophy is less excess and more style. We believe that a good closet should be edited and that less is more. We encourage everyone to sell what no longer serves them and buy what they love.

AHDM4U: What is one piece of clothing you think everyone shouldn’t live without?

Relove: A great coat that fits well.

AHDM4U: How would you describe ReLove’s look?

Relove: ReLove is relaxed and confident, global and refined. Think Catherine Baba 🙂

AHDM4U: Rumor has it people can bring their clothes to sell. How does that work?

Relove: Buying clothes from stylish and eco-conscious men and women is the foundation of our business. We buy clothes all day every day as long as our doors are open. Sellers get 35% of the selling price in cash or 50% in store credit. Exceptional vintage and designer pieces are taken on consignment.

AHDM4U: What is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory currently at Relove?

Relove: A Jill Sander wedge boot and a 1920s ankle-length fringe wedding shawl.

AHDM4U: What’s ReLove’s favorite decade of fashion?

Relove: The late ’70s  and early ’80s. I love high-waisted pants, printed silk blouses and lots of denim on denim. I also love mixing decades in a modern way. A ’90s floral baby doll dress under a ’60s motorcycle shrunken jacket is pretty much a hit every time.

AHDM4U: Can you tell us about your adorable shop dog Amanda?

Relove: Amanda is our store greeter, and she takes her job very seriously. She is half pit, half chihuahua and 100% pure love.

Relove Grand Opening Party
Saturday, February 15th
5-8pm, free
1815 Polk St (between Washington and Jackson), SF
Facebook invite


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ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER Robbie Sweeny is an Irish born, internationally published photographer and artist. He has exhibited extensively throughout the UK, most notably as part of a group exhibition at Tate Britain in 2009. He relocated to San Francisco in June 2010, where he works closely with the performance art and dance community. His work has been featured in publications and galleries through out the city. 30 of his images were exhibited at the de Young Museum June 2013 as part of his collaboration with Leonora Lee.

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