By Kelly Lovemonster; Photos by Job Piston; Illustration by Primo Pitino

AHDM4U is so down for Los Angeles. Some of our favorite bbs live, work and frolic in the City of Angels. BTW rumor has it, LA has the highest concentration of artist per square foot. Ok, that last part isn’t a fact, but it’s a really astute observation. Who wouldn’t be inspired to create living in perpetual summer. So of course AHDM4U set its sight on LA for a feature heartthrob for our latest issue.

Cue the beautifully androgynous musician and producer Nar, whose ethereal based-out sounds are inspired by the Middle East. We reached out to our LA boo to see what they were cooking up next, and of course Nar hollered back with the epic Britney Spears remix to “He About to Loose Me.” This track is the first of many to come from Nar’s newest collaboration project allBOYallGIRL. We suggest playing this new-new way up while you read the following interview with Nar from LA, like in your car with them Bose speakers way up.

AHDM4U: Sun, Moon, and Rising?

Nar: She’s a Capricorn/Aquarius cusp baby, Sagittarius rising with a Virgo moon.

AHDM4U: Describe your musical persona NAR for all the bbs still getting to know you. And would you say NAR has a particular sound?

N: NAR is my music production. I’ve been a musician since I was seven, taught myself the guitar, drums and piano to name a few. I started producing as of five years ago, making beats and collaborating with different artists. My productions are usually very dark and sexy with lot a of Middle Eastern influence.

AHDM4U: Rihanna or Beyonce?

N: Mad love to B but I have to say Rihanna, I mean she follows me on Insta s/o @badgalriri

AHDM4U: Who are some of your musical inspirations? 

N: I’ve always been inspired by women in music like Bjork and Sade. I also love Tricky, Portishead and Arthur Russell. Green Day was the reason why I started playing guitar and of course Justin Bieber cause he’s my #dreamboy

AHDM4U: You have collaborated with several artists at the forefront of their rage i.e. Mykki Blanco, Brooke Candy and Lauren Devine. Can you tell us a little bit about the artist you have collaborated with in this featured song?

N: This track is from my newest production duo called allBOYallGIRL with my ying-yang twin Vinny. We are best friends and happen to also make music. We were tripping on MDMA one night and discovered “He About To Lose Me” by Britney Spears was both our favorite Britney track, so we decided to make a remix as our first release.

AHDM4U: What do you enjoy about the collaborative process?

N: I enjoy collaborating with people because a lot of exciting ideas can come from trying to find a balance between two artists tastes. I love exchanging thoughts and learning from other people, I’ve grown a lot from collaborating.

AHDM4U:Which babe(s) are you crushing on at the moment?

N: Justin Bieber.

AHDM4U: Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

N: Justin Bieber.

AHDM4U: Who are you working with next and what can we expect of your collaboration?

N: I’m currently working with Kelela on a track for her next release. Also been collaborating with some artists from New York.

AHDM4U: On a Saturday night you are most likely to be …

N:In bed playing GTA while eating some toasted coconut from Yogurtland 🙂



ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER Job Piston lives and works in Brooklyn. His work has been exhibited at Artists Space (New York); MAK Center (Los Angeles); Jessica Silverman Gallery (San Francisco); Michael Benevento (Los Angeles); Roberts & Tilton (Los Angeles), among other places. He has also organized artist projects for Performa Magazine. He earned his BFA at California College of the Arts (San Francisco), and his MFA at UCLA in 2010. He currently has a solo museum presentation at the California Museum of Photography at the University of California, and will be included in a group exhibition at Charlie James Gallery, (Los Angeles) this spring. He has been photographing NAR since 2009. IG: jobpiston

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