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Hi chickadees! Today I’m gonna let you in on a secret: how to create a dramatic cat eye with my very own “credit card trick.” So get those wallets out! This spring and summer is all about a graphic eye and once you’ve gotten your cat eye down you can start playing around with doing more geo-shapes with your eyes. Keep your eyes the focus of this ultra-chic look keeping the rest of the face fresh, luminous and minimal. MEOW! Get it. Love it. HASHTAG ME.


STEP 1 :: You’ll find that this particular beauty look is based on a fresh, flawless complexion, so begin the process by applying a facial serum like Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Repairing Serum. Serums have nutrients in them that moisturizers don’t typically carry, and penetrate the skin at deeper levels for a healthier look. If you don’t have a serum you can use Vitamin E oil. // GET IT

STEP 2 :: Next, apply your moisturizer of choice for hydration, followed by a thin layer of primer to minimize your pores and even out any differences in texture. I have worked in the makeup industry for over eight years and I’ve never seen a better primer then Smashbox’s Photo Finish. It’s lightweight and feels like nothing at all on the skin. It’s so good! Try it once and you’ll be hooked, promise. // GET IT

STEP 3 ::  Distribute foundation equally all over the face and blend it in using a foundation brush and small circular motions. Choose one with lots of luminosity to add a natural glow to the skin. It’s all about the right brush when it comes to getting a smooth look to your foundation — a brush with both natural and synthetic hairs and a flat top works the best. MAC’s 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush has given me the best result. // GET IT

STEP 4 :: Use a concealer to hide any blemishes, under-eye circles, or any areas of redness (for the latter, make sure the concealer is one tone brighter than your foundation). Blend the concealer by tapping it gently with your ring finger. Set the look with a translucent powder, using a large fluffy powder brush to swirl it all over your face. Then add a twirl of peachy blush. I went with Benefit’s Cha Cha Tint, which has a coral hue and goes on very naturally and sheer. Like I said in the last Chi Chi’s Beauty Salon, orange is making a splash this spring! Just dab your peach onto each cheek and blend in circular motions. // GET IT

STEP 5 :: Apply a transparent-formula lip gloss to enhance the natural rosy hue of your lips. I chose Korres’ lip butter in pomegranate. It gives your lips a soft hue of a berry color with a little bit of sheen. // GET IT

STEP 6 :: So for the products on the eyes I’ve gone with Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner and Benefit’s Badgal mascara.  I went with Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner because it glides on with your brush very easily and even when I use it to cover my entire eyelid it has never smudged or creased like a lot of other brands do. I also find that it never dries out in the pot it comes in like some brands do over time. Did you know that Badgal Lash is just as good as Dior’s Show and half the price? Wow! Two different companies owned by LVMH. Yes, Louis Vuitton owns both cosmetic lines, Who would have thought? So why not go for the cheaper version of the two?

Now get out those credit cards! Keep your eyes open and look straight ahead into a mirror. Place a credit card, business card or even a ruler on an angle next to the outer edge of the eye. Tilt the card until you decide on an angle. If you want an elegant look, go with a flatter angle, otherwise make it more vertical for a more flirtatious gaze. (Chi Chi normally goes for the latter.) Use the card like a ruler to draw a line with a black eyeliner from the eye towards your temples. Now put down the card and use the liner to draw a horizontal line back in towards the eye. By this time you should have a triangle on your eye. Color in your triangle. If you want a higher level of drama, use an extra-fine tipped liner above the crease of your lid and a flat brush to color in your lids with a cream based gel or eye shadow. Then apply your mascara. GET THE EYELINER // GET THE MASCARA

FYI: Do keep in mind that liquid liner eventually creases in the socket of the eye, and also takes longer to dry. Unless you’re going for a subtle and simple cat eye flick, which would be easy with liquid eyeliner, use gel (it usually comes in a pot) to get the best out of this dramatic cat eye look.

Cat eyes, get it?

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