By Ajai Nicole; Photos by Mary Camilang and Fauve Schoen; Photo editing by Sean MTNZ

This past season it seems like witches were all over our television screens. The Coven trend isn’t exactly new — fashion’s fixation with witches surfaces on the regular — but in this case of television witchery, I think we’re seeing a revival of the late ’90s Wiccan craze that took off with 1996’s The Craft. That film introduced the dark arts into that decade’s obsession with teen movies. In the mid-aughts, covens took a backseat to all things vampire — but now they are back and totally dominating. Lucky for all you conjuring babes, the fashion and makeup industry is loving this trend and Chi Chi’s been on the hunt for everyday essentials that will bring witchy powers to your look. Here are my faves that you won’t want to live without. Get it. Love it. HASHTAG ME


Lime Crime has released a line of zodiac glitter shadows based on each astrological. I went with Aquarius — an homage to the fierce, beautiful and eccentric fish. This navy blue iridescent glitter definitely has the same attributes. It is perfect by itself, or will give your eyes a dark sultry twinkle when added on top of any blue, purple or black eye shadow. If I’m using it solo, I’ll add a little glitter adhesive to keep it on my eye and pump up the sparkle. // GET IT


So I’m not a polish maniac, but Butter London has me smitten! I like everything about this company, from its shades to the names of its products. Bonus: the bottle’s tops are pop-offs so you don’t have to deal with unscrewing them with wet nails. I chose Butter’s Big Smoke from their new collection for my witchy look. This metallic navy blue is the perfect sophisticated shade with just a hint of color, perfect for black nail addicts looking to branch out. // GET IT


Remember Lime Crime’s Velvetines from my first column? Well founder Miss Deere has done it again. On March 19th she added three new shades to her collection of Velvetines — the Clueless Witch series. Three new deep, dark opaque shades that I know will have you freaking out as much as I am! I just pre-ordered mine, if I were you I’d lock some down pre-sale style — I have a feeling they will sell out. // GET IT


Need to illuminate, harmonize and balance your aura or enviroment? Jessika Fancy has something you’ll want! This Portland, Oregon queer babe makes woo accessories and talismans and does nail art. She is currently living the dreamer’s life on a tiny budget, constantly thinking about magic, healing and community. Her aura spray gem blends on Etsy can be customized to your needs, sure to keep the craziness of the outside world away from your precious mental space. Specify which blend you’d like and she’ll whip it up for you. // GET IT


Just think of all the spirits you can summon when your cosmetics are in order, babes. This makeup bag from Concrete Minerals is a perfect accessory for creepiness on the go. With a canvas outer layer and plastic vinyl lining it’s easy to clean if your makeup spills or just gets dirty with everyday use. It will fit perfectly in your purse, and holds all your makeup magic close to you. // GET IT

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