Sometimes you Facebook chat your friend in Berlin and they’re heartbroken. Such was the case, one deceptively sunny day in San Francisco, when La Fraicheur told us she had spat her feelings into an R&B mixtape and would we post it on AHDM4U.

Well, yeah we would.

We asked her to say a few words about the mix, and she did:

Sometimes things don’t plan out the way you want them to and you have to face reality. But you know — reality is limited/limiting. I’d always rather imagine how and what could have been. Heartaches — since I’m a dreamer/believer, I tend to get those. Even if you know for a fact something can not be, it doesn’t mean you can’t let yourself daydream about it. For a minute … or two …

Daydream. Nightdream. Touch yourself. Repeat.

This is a mixtape for those who are daydreaming in the lust of the spring, and for the lucky ones who can sexy up their special someone.

As my fellow DJ friend Riff Raff would put it, “slow dances, silky jams, smooth moves, soft cuts.” That’s what this mixtape is made of. Tracks with which to stare through the windows at the blue sky and the blooming trees while thinking about somebody’s smell, warmth, skin or to actually get soft and mellow and wrap yourself in that smell, warmth, skin … for the ones who can.

ATM, La Fraicheur is touring about Europe. Check for her next US tour in November 2014 — and for her promised upcoming house and techno tracks. “I keep on saying [I’m going to produce my own tracks] in every interview over the past couple of months so I can’t back down,” she told us. “It scares the shit out of me, but i feel like the more it’s ‘official’ the less margin to be a wuss I have. So yup.”

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