By Ajai Nicole; photos by Caitlin Donohue

Last week’s shifting Bay Area weather got me thinking about the color blue. On some days, I woke up to the birds chirping in a light blue sky — on others  to that chilling mist of darker blue skies. And don’t get me started on that rain — even if April showers bring May flowers. Chi Chi wants to know: is it Spring yet?

Blue is the color of the ocean, sleep and twilight. The Egyptians used it to represent heaven. Blue symbolizes the Virgin Mary. It’s soothing, it’s inspiration, sincerity, spirituality. Artists use the color to express perspective. It’s cool vibrations are helpful to communication.

Blue has been so much on my mind that I’ve decided to let it show, and luckily for all my Chi Chi followers, spring’s blues are totally on trend in the makeup world! I’ve gone through and picked some easy, not-too-bold blues that can work for any kind of mood or weather pattern. Get it. Love it. HASHTAG ME

Here’s one color that can be used two different ways: coloring in your brows or as an eyeshadow. I chose Sugar Pill Velocity because of its rich pigment and the smoothness of the shadow. This vibrant royal blue has a matte finish, perfect for face-framing brows. It also works well when wet — use with an angle brush to make a vibrant eyeliner. // GET IT

Wanna dress up a bare face without doing much? Blue mascara is the way to brighten up and add color in just a few swipes. Inglot Colour Play Mascara in 05 is a great gateway blue mascara — the shade is not super-intense, so you can go light, or apply several coats to achieve that cobalt clarity. A long, spindly wand separates and defines your lashes, this mascara is less about volume and more about length. // GET IT

For my blue mouth I went with Ardency Inn’s lipstick in Blue is Black, a shade that reminds me of a wolf howling at the moon. It’s smooth, creamy, true to pigment, and doesn’t feather out too much if you forget your lip liner. This will definitely pull you through any stormy days we have left this spring — one look at your mouth and those storm clouds will know who’s in charge here. // GET IT

I’ve been lusting for a pair of House of Holland’s pom pom earrings for a while — they’re everywhere I look and their cute, playful retro look is so in! Of course, they come with a designer price tag — but never mind that, because at the moment HoH is all sold out, so you can totally justify making your own with some earring hooks, a bit of thread, and pre-made marabou feather puffs. The marabou I used from MarabouBoa actually come in a donut shape, so all you have to do is run your thread right through the middle to have your very own House of Holland knock-offs! They come in all different colors, but I picked light blue because, duh, this column. // GET IT


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