By Ajai Nicole; Photos by Iris Lena Triska

Hi bbs! With summer right around the corner, this queen is using her beauty knowledge to give you eight DIY tips that everyone can use — and the key ingredient is already in your kitchen.

Summer is prime time for citrus, even in your beauty regimen. Lemons are a great source of calcium, Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium — minerals and antioxidants that improve the appearance and condition of your hair, skin and nails. I know! I mean, wow! Mind blowing.

JUST REMEMBER: Lemon juice should not be left on the body for extended periods of time, and may cause a serious reactions when exposed to the sun on your skin. Be careful, bbs! Get it. Love It. Hashtag me.

1. Lemons heal acne and removes blackheads! OMG! It’s true, lemons’ antibacterial and antifungal properties make them a natural alternative to abrasive skin treatments. Simply slice open a lemon and rub it across your face. Or, you can add a few drops of honey to a lemon half before applying it directly to the area where you have blackheads. Wait five to 10 minutes before rinsing off the juice with cold water.

2. Lemons whiten teeth. Save yourself a lot of money (do you know how much professional teeth whitening costs??) and time with a homemade potion using baking soda and lemon juice. Mix the two ingredients into a bubbly solution and dab it onto your teeth with a Q-tip. Leave on for no more than one minute (the acid is strong enough to break down tooth enamel!) and gently scrub off with a toothbrush.

3. They get rid of oily skin. We’ve tested out some pretty weird ways to bring down the shine on our faces — some people have even tried laxatives. Yes bbs, Maalox! I learned that watching America’s Next Top Model! Swiping a cotton swab onto your skin with a little lemon juice is just as effective. Try doing this before bed and washing your face the next morning to prevent oily skin.

4. They brighten your hair color. The cheapest highlights you’ll ever get involve making a trip to the grocery store to buy some yellow fruit. Combine lemon juice and hair conditioner, comb through strands, sit in the sun for a few hours and wash out. Repeat these steps at least once a week, and you will notice that your hair is significantly lighter. (Watch out that it doesn’t turn orange if you have darker hair.)

5. They strengthen nails. There are tons of nail hardeners on the shelves at our local drugstore, but you can get the same results naturally using olive oil and lemon juice. The solution will not only condition weak and brittle nails, it will also whiten yellowing nails and help with fungus too!

6. They calm dry scalp and remedy dandruff. At AHDM4U, we’re huge believers in DIY hair masks. Massaging a combination of household staples like coconut oil, olive oil and raw honey with lemon juice onto your scalp is a simple solution for dry scalp and dandruff.

7. They soothe chapped lips. Another overnight beauty treatment that only requires slicing open a lemon means exfoliating chapped lips. Rub the fruit onto your pucker, then wash off the next morning. The lemon juice will remove any dead skin cells so that your lipstick goes on super smooth.

8. They cleanse the face and body. Unsure about what’s lurking inside your favorite face or body wash? You’ll always know what’s in this homemade cleanser made out of lemon juice, yogurt and an essential oil like lavender or chamomile. Massage on skin to remove dirt and bacteria, while moisturizing at the same time. Shocking! I know!

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