Hey hey, children. How y’all doin’? I just would like to say thanks for reading, spreading the word and just being supportive of me compiling your weekend plans in this column. Much appreciated baby boos ❤ I really mean that.  Y’all makin’ a brotha feel all special and stuff. Also I apologize for leaving’ y’all hangin’ last week. Things got hectic, but it looked like you all managed to survive and tear the city up anyhow.

So technically FOOTNOTES OF AN ORNAMENT (8PM // $15 // THE  GARAGE // MORE) opened yesterday, but there is a second performance today. It’s the first in the AIRSpace queer performance art residency. This evening’s event is a collaboration between K. R. Mooney and Nicholas Andre Sung, the two founders of Oakland gallery space n/a who are looking to use the residency to do things that wouldn’t quite fit into their gallery mission. AIRspace runs from June 11 to the 21st, and you can also look forward to performances from SF-based actor Rotimi Agbabiaka, queer punk music icon Brontez Purnell and his dance company plus performance artist Dia Dear.
As the fifth performance in the Exploratorium’s Resonance series, artist ROBERT AIKI AUBREY LOWE (7PM // $15 // THE EXPLORATORIUM // MORE), will be holding a conversation with pianist, writer and producer Sarah Cahill. Having recently collaborating with video artist Sabrina Ratté on a live piece work entitled Peradam, which means an object that is revealed only to those who seek it, Lowe, a.k.a. Lichens, is one of those figures that creates friction between the musician, artist and performer identities.


I’ve never attended ¡SPRUNG! (10PM // FREE // The LEGIONNAIRE SALOON // MORE), but it’s good to try out new things. And any party that is rolling out R&B slow jamz, rap and house is already halfway there.

Feel confident knowing that black on black works right now, and suit the fuck up in that Nike gear. Brush out your bangs and or ironic cornrows to get slightly faded, but don’t forget to charge your celly so you can upload to Instagram while at the club cause 120 MINUTES: ADULT. PERFORMING LIVE w/ PICTUREPLANE & WHITE RING (9PM // $15 // MEZZANINE // MORE) is going down this Friday the 13th. Most likely giving you the best of the best Jason and Freddy film loops and fog machine action. Embrace being cool and just fucking be.
TOM KHA GAI (6PM // FREE // MOROSO PROJECTS // MORE) is the name of a Thai soup, but also the starting point for the group exhibit organized by Greg Ito and Nate Hooper. Approaching a group exhibition like a work of gourmanderie, Ito and Hooper are utilizing the artists’ work like ingredients in front of a saucepan. This is an idea that I have discussed with fellow curators before: One can approach curation and exhibition in many ways, but when you compare and make analogies to other forms of function that are blunt and translucent in their being, you enter a grey area that is somehow not mixed but split 50/50, but we’ll see. Featuring the work of artists Michael Assiff, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Derek Frech and Izabelle New, the odds are in this showing’s favor.


Going into it’s third year of operations, THE BALKA SHOW (8PM // $15 // BINDLESTIFF STUDIO // MORE) is a proud recipient of a 2014 Horizons Foundation grant, monies awarded to non-profits around the Bay Area to help strengthen and support programs and services benefiting the LGBTQ community. Expect sketches exploring the awkward, painful, and joyous realities of being Filipino and bakla (the Tagalog word for gay). When it really comes down to it, we are all really fucking awkward, so let’s get out to this show and start relating to these works and people.


In 1968, Seth Siegelaub and Jack Wendler created Xerox Book, an exhibition on the printed page. In 2014 Colpa Press, in collaboration with Publication Studio Oakland and Kadist San Francisco will present THE RISO BOOK: SAN FRANCISCO (6PM // FREE // KADIST SF // MORE) with work by Anthony Discenza, Vincent Fecteau, Mitzi Pederson, Will Rogan and May Wilson. The artists will work over the course of five days to create their individual pieces, to be later bound together and sold in book form. Tonight will be a pre-celebration since the work isn’t exactly done yet, but you should go during the open hours and check out the preparations being made.


SOFT MUSCLE (7PM // FREE // ROOT DIVISION // MOREexplores the vulnerabilities of the body. In recognizing the beauty and power of our hidden physical fragility, the 13 artists in this show challenge beliefs about gender roles, sexuality and relationships across a wide range of media.


Theres a number of parties happening this evening and to not play favorites, I’m just gonna run through them simply:


2 MEN WILL MOVE YOU (9PM// AMENSIA // MORE) with obvs with your funky acid disco DJs Primo and Jordan.


ISIS (9PM // THE PUBLIC WORKS LOFT // MORE) With DJ Jacques Renault of DFA. Obvs hosted by the phenomenal bebe Britany Berg.


PILLOWCASE (CLUB OMG // 9PM // MORE) you got a dad’s day spanking booth, obvs c’mon.


POUND PUPPY (9PM // SF EAGLE // MORE) DJs Stanley Frank and Carlos Souffront. Obvs fetish party.


Yes, a black person is getting ready to recommend that you go to a celebration of fried chicken, but really what I’m prompting you to do is go out and celebrate a cute local business still thriving after three years. WING WINGS THIRD ANNIVERSARY (5-8PM// 50 CENT WINGS // WING WINGS // MORE) will be very good, yes, but what is also good is that they got 50 cent wings, so DUH. There will be DJs, beers, Jarritos, BBQ sandwiches from Sergio Ornelas and Kyle Paul, as well as PizzaHacker snowballs and a bunch of other cool shit too.


When you’re down slobbin’ down the walls of Wing Wings get over to SUNDAY PRAYERS (9PM// FREE// THE LEXINGTON CLUB // MORE) where witchy babe goddess Kat Marie Yoas, Siobhan Aluvalot and Ben McCoy got some stuff planned for y’all!! Raffle, fun jams, cute videos, tarot and the Stevie Wicks Pop-Up shop! Witchy craft table and tasty cocktails by Tiana! Let these ones put a spell on you.
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