By Brandon Drew Holmes

Sup? How you likin’ AHDM4U’s new look? Cute, right? Duhzies. So as not to overwhelm you all, help you save money for Pride Week (keep an eye out for our special AHDM4U Pride Issue, including our guide to the cutest parties and things) plus keep things easy on myself and have more free time to be lazy and to get away from this computer this Wknd Update is simple, but still cute.

OH! FYI, the top image is what you get when you do a image search for “Simple Susie”… I know, right?! AWESOME!


¡CUÉNTAMELO! (6:30PM// $5-$20// GALERÍA DE LA RAZA// MOREis a bilingual collection of testimonies from LGBT Latino immigrants and to celebrate, Galería de la Raza is hosting a panel, performance from La Reina de Aztlán and a conversation with UC Berkeley professor Juana María Rodríguez. Galería de la Raza is constantly holding it down for the Mission, so please get out and support as all they do is continuously provide back for the city´s youth and creatives.

So HOMELESS (8PM// $15// THE GARAGE// MORE) is in its closing night tonight. Rotimi Agbabiaka is playing with a number of things in his performance for the AirSpace queer arts residency … mainly concepts of home, blackness, queerness and immigration. As someone who is struggling with doing what needs to be done to locate a new productive home I’m curious to hear his dialogue, set in an airport terminal and I hear, flush with Agbabiaka´s well-tuned wit.

QUEER PROPHECIES (7:30PM // $12-20 // SUB-MISSION ART SPACE // MORE) I mean, ooooooo. Quote the press release:

“Queer Prophesies is a prophetic window, a portal into manifold queer futures. With gender expression holograms, musical visions, and stories of our queer descendants, this is a night of performance and visual art exploring queer futures, utopias, and dystopias that resist assimilation and explore the great queer unknown.”


After the performance of Homeless, the Airspace residency is finishing up this year´s programming with Dia Dear’s NIGHTMARE (8PM // $15 // ALSO SATURDAY // COUNTER PULSE UNDERGROUND // MORE). I’ve only ever seen Dia perform in a club/bar setting, so I’m very excited to see what she rolls out with now that she’s moved into drawing and writing. Apparently Dia has been developing a language that she first started articulating in costume form, but has since translated into a series of drawings. Betraying the artist’s fascination with the grotesque, the drawings will take over the physical environment and set the stage for Dear’s solo performance.


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been to the circus. I fucks with the circus. FOR REALS. The circus is my shitz and I go in, but I don’t like the mistreatment of animals and stuff. So tacky … which makes my love affair with clowns and circuses difficult, but here’s TOPSY TURVY (MULTIPLE PERFORMANCES// $15-20// BRAVA THEATER// MOREto the rescue. With queer and trans performers from not only the Bay, but Colorado, Vermont, New York, Portland and New Mexico, the weekend’s program is packed to the brim with acts to take me back to the tents, child. I mean seriously, though … you don’t know how for real I am about loving the circus. Only thing that surpasses it in my eyes is Disney on Ice, because like really, it’s the circus on ice and anything “on ice” is better than anything not on ice.


Today, take a hike and then go to the club and work it out. Start with STEP BACK: A WALKING TOUR OF QUEER OLD NORTH BEACH (4PM // FREE // CITY LIGHTS BOOKS // MOREto get those calves going. Radar Productions plus professor and historian Alamilla Boyd are gonna take you around North Beach and show you the stomping grounds of the Bay’s “ghost gays”. Show up, listen up and then drag they behinds down to our Kelly Lovemonster’s party SWAGGER LIKE US (9PM-2AM // $4 // BEAUX // MOREto show them that there ain’t no ghosts. WE LIVE OUT THIS JOINT, MAN! Wear sensible, yet cute, shoes for both affairs.


So you see Miss Thing in the picture working that fan, that pose, that floral tank, that life, etc.? Well she is Sandra Vaughn and is one of eight performers that Maria Medina Serafin has lined up to work your Sunday afternoon at RIDE THE TIDE OF PRIDE IN THE MISSION (12-3PM // $5 // BALANCOIRE // MORE). It is just one of the many bimonthly events that Serafin hosts and this edition is featuring LGBT elders that get it, really get it. Performers will be giving you their all with their voices, guitars and bodies. I hear there might also be someone doing make-up …

So I’m going to be a part of this panel discussion on music: LAST NIGHT WAS MAD REAL (12PM// FREE// REAL TIME & SPACE// MORE ). It’s gonna be me, Brandon Brown, Sofía Córdova, Ian Dolton-Thornton, Jackie Im and Matt Kirkland and we’ll be moderated by Aaron Harbour … it’s gonna get cray… it’s gonna be critical … it’s gonna be cute … like the name says. Shit’s gonna get REAL. Basically they are going to have a well mannered conversation about pop music while I yell at you about how important Beyonce, Kanye and Rihanna (and Miley and Drake and Wayne and etc.) are to society. You should come and after we can hightail it on over to…

QUEER KICK BALLZ (3-6PM // FREE // MOSSWOOD PARK, OAKLAND // MORE). Rheal’Tea and Daddy Rose are helping us get our Pride Week off to that cute cute start with another round of queers in the park getting fabulous with kick ball, music, grillin’, sunbathing and summer cuddles. Come cute, come correct, come clean and leave dirty. Afterwards we might go see Waka Flocka Flame? JK, I ain’t got $40 for that mess.

That is it for now y’all, but like I said keep an eye out for our Pride Issue which is bout to drop any day now.  We got ya back for that week ❤



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