By Brandon Drew Holmes and Caitlin Donohue; Top image of Courtney Trouble at last year’s Queerly Beloved by Ajapop Films

Yup, we put together the only guide you need for San Francisco Pride 2014. Buy us a drink or whatever. But for the moment make sure you’ve got a week’s worth of outfits on point, you’re feeling extremely proud to be you and cop tickets early. A lot of these get-togethers are gonna sell out and/or have some gnarly lines. Read the rest of our Pride Issue for inspiration on high level fierceness. Drink water. Make out. Wear sunscreen. We goddamn love you.


A tender moment in Transtastic!

FRAMELINE FILM FESTIVAL: TRANSTASTIC! (7PM // 91 MINUTES // $12 // VICTORIA THEATRE // MOREA collection of shorts selected by Shawna Vaigro of the SF Transgender Film Festival. Plots feature a couple dealing with Asperger Syndrome and reflecting on a life spent together, a 51 year old trans woman returning to love of sport and Bambi Lake giving us a tour of Polk Street circa 1970s. This is one not to miss.

THE STARRLUST EXPERIENCE (8:30PM // $10 // NEW PARKWAY THEATRE // MORE) Porn-art momma Madison Young took inspiration from Ziggy Stardust for her cinematic voyage into fame, sex, and fangirls starring Young and “Ask A Whore” columnist Siouxsie Q.

OPULENCE (8PM-2AM // FREE // BEAUX // MORE) The voguer with the world on lock Jocquese Whitfield kicks off his new weekly night of eleganza for Pride Week. Beats by DJs Tori, Andre and TwistMix plus dang, $5 Long Island iced teas.


POINT OF PRIDE (6-8PM // FREE // SF PUB. LIBRARY, MAIN BRANCH // MORE) This documentary is focusing on the civil rights struggles of the African American community of Bayview Hunter’s Point and consists of footage from the 50’s through the 70’s. The film presents the hope that has existed in the community. The library will also host a panel discussion following the screening.

DJ Jenna Riot, presiding. Photo by Ep Li

SWITCH (9PM-2AM // Q BAR // MOREBelieve that DJ Jenna Riot will have the high femme armor of your dreams all week — get an early glimpse at her IRL runway at the Pride edition of her and DJ Andre’s Castro weekly, with guest star DJ Lisa Delux from Vancouver.


BEAUS AND BELLES STYLE POP-UP (OPEN NOON-6PM M-F, 1-6PM SAT// SHOW AND TELL CONCEPT SHOP // MORE) Check sparkling queerwear by Immigreatdesigns, Gold Dust Studios, Chamchi Chamcha, RodeoHThesis of AlexandriaPride Socks and more at this perfectly-timed Oakland sale open through August 30th. Show and Tell Concept Shop is hosting a ton of events this week for you East Bay queers that need a break from the BART, including a boi/butch photo show that opens tonight as well.

BI PRIDE AT DOLORES PARK (4-7PM // FREE BUT BRING A POTLUCK DISH // DOLORES PARK // MORE) A day in the park for our continuum spanning community members! Hot dog grilling, potlucking and more. Shortly before 7pm the gang will adjourn to the Roxie for a screening of bisexual themed short films, presented through Frameline.

RESEARCHING HITCH: A LOVE STORY (6-8PM // FREE // SF MAIN LIBRARY // MORE) The most famous female journalist of the 1930s was also Eleanor Roosevelt’s lover. Learn about Lorena Hickok’s life at this reading from the lesbian playwright who just created a show about Hickok’s life.

Scene from Two Spirits, screening this week at Frameline 

TWO SPIRITS (7-8:30PM // $5-$10 // ANSWER COALITION // MORE) A film that tells the story of Fred Martinez, a nádleehí or male-bodied person with a feminine nature. Two Spirits is a glimpse into the world of integrated gender individuals, beings that are blessed with a special gift according to Navajo theology.


FOR SIZAKELE (8PM-2AM// $12-20 // AFRICAN AMERICAN ART AND CULTURE COMPLEX // MOREYvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene performs a piece from her gorgeous novel, which explores queer African experience and domestic violence.

PRIDE NIGHTLIFE (6PM-10PM // $12 // CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES // MOREThe thing about getting TURNT and GOING OFF at the Academy of Sciences is that you can just simply say you were conducting an experiment in hotmessism and that all your hijinx were in the name of science and progress and such. Hard French DJs Brown Amy and Carnita return for all that sweet soul magic in the aquarium downstairs, and dapperQ will be hosting a queer fashion show of four local designers as well.

HAIR SWOOP at Swagger Like Us. Photo by Shot in the City

SWAGGER LIKE US (9PM-2AM // $5 // SLATE BAR // MORE) Kelly’s insanely “on” hip-hop party is taking over a new venue. Listen to resident DJ DavO’s AHDM4U Pride mix. It’s gonna be like that. Also featuring resident Boyfriend and guest DJ Essex.

HORSE MEAT DISCO (9PM-3AM // $10-15 // PUBLIC WORKS // MORE) Mmmm South London’s finest queer boys bring the party to Isis, the cute pansexual danceparty made FAB by the hostess with the mostess Brittany B. Bonus round: Odyssey’s adorable and sweethearted DJ Robin Simmons is in the mix as well.

Tiana Danger (top) and Kat Marie Yoas bein’ babes on the Candy Crush flyer. Photo by Iris Triska

CANDY CRUSH/UHAUL AT THE LEX (9PM-2AM // FREE // LEXINGTON CLUB // MOREDJs Chelsea Starr and China G are making the Lex the best place to cruise women tonight. Wait, the Lex is the best place to cruise women every night (and check it, there’s never a cover.)


TRANS MARCH (YOUTH AND ELDER BRUNCH NOON-3PM; PARK CELEBRATION 3-6PM; MARCH 6-8:30PM // FREE // DOLORES PARK // MORECelebrate our trans community with this glorious day at Dolo and triumphant march to follow.

FRAMELINE FILM FESTIVAL: STAND (4PM // 87 MINUTES // $10 // CASTRO THEATRE // MORE) This subtitled Russian film presents the story of an attractive gay couple who witness a gay bashing, causing havoc in their own relationship.

BUSTIN’ OUT! (9PM-2AM // $5-25 // EL RIO // MOREThe official Trans March after-party is a fundraiser for Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice, a group that supports folks trapped in the prison industrial complex.

The Younger Loves being everything. See them at Queer Punk Fest

TAKE IT BACK – QUEER PUNK FEST (9:30PM-2AM // $7-$10 // SUB-MISSION // MORE) A slew of the bands, drags and DJs that make the Bay Area an alright place to be in 2014 are set to rock your body. These are the groups you’re gonna tell your kids you saw way back in, including Limp Wrist, Young Lovers and Daddie$ Pla$tik.

TAKEOFF! TRANS PRIDE BENEFIT PARTY (10PM-2AM // $10-$12 // ELBO ROOM // MORE) For its annual post-Trans March party, which is benefiting Community United Against Violence this year, Original Plumbing Magazine is bringing y’all the cute sounds, DJs and go-go dancers.

STEAM (9PM-2AM // $5+ // POWERHOUSE // MORE) Endless things to do this week but ONLY ONE has an actual shower as it’s centerpiece (besides your after-after-after-party.) Get dirty, clean and then dirty again with host Walter Gomez.

DARLING SWITCHES! (8PM-2AM // $7 // SLATE // MOREYay for party crews Darling Nikki and Switch teaming up to bring you this adorably populated dancefloor.

Host Boy Young, off leash at Pound Puppy. Photo by FBFE

POUND PUPPY: HOUSE TRAINED (9PM-2AM // $10-15 // BEATBOX // MORE) SF’s monthly dog fetish party outgrows its home at the Eagle for Pride. Beatbox is gonna be one cute kennel.

SOME THING: GAY FREEDOM CELEBRATION (9PM-9AM // $10 // THE STUD // MOREBut really, 12 hours. We’re not gonna say hosts Glamamore, Vivvyanne Forevermore and DJ Down-E are crazy for extending their drag weekly into the shameful light of day because there is something inarguably genius about getting queens onstage for a 6am show (they’ll also be performing at 10pm, 11pm and midnight if you’re not about that life.)


DYKE MARCH (RALLY 4PM; MARCH 6PM // DONATIONS SUGGESTED // DOLORES PARK // MORE) Time for the absolutely delicious female-identified call to battle (or at least make the Mission into a screaming, happy, ambulatory queer paradise.) Come early for one of Dolores Park’s most festive days of the year.

BORN THIS WAY (7:30PM // $10 // BERKELEY FELLOWSHIP OF UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS // MORENot that “Born this way”, but a similar sentiment. This documentary is about the LGBT community of Cameroon, where it is currently illegal to be homosexual. If the city is getting to be “too much” for you this Pride week, then go over to Berkeley watch the film and see how fortunate you are to be overrun by wasted gay people.

Micah Tron performs and Jocquese Whitfield runs the city from a duck walk. See the magic yourself at the Elbo Room Saturday

HELLA SAUCEY (9PM-2PM // $10 // ELBO ROOM // MOREMicahTron SF, Jocquese Whitfield, Aima the Dreamer and Lady Fingaz are taking over the stage. There’s no question here: you should be in attendance. Make it happen or don’t even be in town.

Out In The Night screens this week at Frameline

FRAMELINE FILM FESTIVAL: OUT IN THE NIGHT (9:30PM // 75 MINUTES // $10 // CASTRO THEATRE // MOREA look at the lives of seven African American lesbians, some of whom went on to be ignorantly labeled as the New Jersey 4. This documentary shows the reality of the court system that the group faced after defending themselves during an altercation in the West Village neighborhood, a historically safe haven for queers in New York City.

HOUSE OF BABES (7PM-3AM // $15-35 // PUBLIC WORKS // MORE) Tonight you get to check out Cakes Da Killa and Jungle Pussy, easily our favorite lineup of Pride. Kinda just wanna dive into this party and stay here but duh it’s all our friends so we WOULD. Host Kelly Lovemonster, DJs Rapid Fire, Jenna Riot, davO, Boyfriend and guest Lisa Delux.

ROBYN, ROYKSÖPP, ZHALA (8PM // SOLD OUT HIT CRAIGSLIST OR DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT // BILL GRAHAM CIVIC AUDITORIUM) Welp, this show is sold out but we just 1. wanted to explain where your roommate will have been when they come home screeching from joy at 1am on Saturday night and 2. shout-out our Swedish babe Zhala, whose video is worth revisiting even if you can’t go to her show.

AFTERGLOW (RSVP FOR TIME AND LOCATION // MOREComfort and Joy’s cuddlefest is gonna have a really cute soundtrack this year: DJs Two Dudes in Love, Dr. Sleep, Trevor Sigler and many more.


This year’s parade route, if you’re brave

PRIDE PARADE (10:30AM // FREE // MARKET STREET // MOREDuuuuuuuuuh … it’s the big hooray! Starting out on Market at Beale, the main event of the week will WERK it’s way down to Eighth Street near Civic Center Plaza where it will. All. Explode. You basically have from now until that morning to case Market Street and figure out what your plan of attack is. Are you gonna be an early bird and get a good seat, elbow your spot in the middle, say fuck it and just go straight to Civic Center and call it a day or — let’s be real — sleep through the whole thing? However you do it, you’re gonna get covered in glitter at some point. And hopefully not those tacky ass Facebook “like” thumbs up they were stamping on people last year.

JUANITA MORE! PRIDE PARTY (NOON-10PM // $30 // 320 JONES // MORE) Hey, the looks are here. Which is amazing and every year we’re like there is NO CALL for people to be this pulled together so far into Pride Week (er, their outfits are pulled together, at least.) Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters heads up the DJ lineup and you’re getting numbers from SF drag royalty who are sure to pull it out for this posh party.

QUEERLY BELOVED (3-9PM // $10 // EL RIO // MOREYou know what the Bay Area does damn good? Queer porn. Def check out queerdo pornographer Courtney Trouble’s annual round-up of their insanely hot slut friends — tons of them but notably performer Cinnamon Maxxine, musician Brontez whose star rose to legendary status in 2014 and who will be doing an acoustic set, a punishment booth and free goddamn pizza. (No word on if the pizza will be slutty. But probably.)

HARD FRENCH (3-11PM // $20-25 // MEZZANINE // MORE) This lil’ monthly El Rio soul party is all growed up and taking over the big kid venue right in the thick of Pride festivities. Live performances by Midnight Magic and Hi Fashion plus no less than SIX club crews taking over the DJ booth for an hour apiece. Daaamn.

Hunnies. Photo courtesy HNYSNDSYSTM

HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM (8PM-4AM // $20 // MIGHTY // MORE) It’s “the party for everyone” like the event invite says — we mean, anyone down to dance tough at the end of a long-ass week to Italian house-techno duo Discodromo, whose dope Cocktail D’Amore party pops up in Berlin and Lisbon. Plus, duh the Honey residents who are also really good at playing music.

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