By Ajai Nicole; Chi Chi photos by Bradley Roberge

Hi chickadees! That time of year has arrived when our tiny city overflows with glitter, champagne and dykes on bikes! When nightlife is everything and you just can’t with those shoes. Chi Chi is celebrating by interviewing the queens of Pride. Get your make-up bag and pull up a chair as we take an inside look at what it takes to become SF royalty — as determined by Chi Chi, of course. Happy Pride bbs. The first beauty suggestion I have you for this week is drink lots of water, no one likes the messy drunk at the party. Get it. Love it. Hashtag Me.


The first queen I sat down with was Jenna Riot, the infamous queer recording artist, DJ, and queen of Bay Area nightlife. Sitting down with Jenna was like being back in high school with my closest friend. She’s a girly babe and a force to be reckoned with — this femme floods the scene with booty bouncin’ beats! While she primped and we chatted, I noticed she layers her eyeliner. Penciling your eyes first then tracing over it with liquid liner works well when you want to make sure you’re getting your liner on straight. It gives you a smudge-free line and a perfect finish!

FASHION ICON :: It’s a tie between Peg Bundy and Traci Lords in Cry Baby.

MAKE-UP ESSENTIAL :: benefit’s benebalm or Dior Show for my lashes’ big Pride moment.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD DURING PRIDE WEEK 2014? :: The House of Babes’ Dyke March after-party because it’s the biggest after party on Pink Saturday this year and because Cakes Da Killa is performing.


FAVORITE CLUB LOOK :: My Hellux Hunnie for Haus of Starr polka dot two-piece from last years House of Babes.

DRAG MOTHER :: Brande Bytheway.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU TO GET READY FOR A NIGHT OUT? :: It takes me a little over an hour … or two, to get ready.

WHERE DID YOU LEARN YOUR MAKE-UP SKILLS? :: From strippers and from the eighth graders who shoplifted it for me in middle school.


My next queen I sat down with was Grace Towers, SF’s super chic bearded queen. Since she popped into town two years ago she has won us over with popular club nights Bulge at the Powerhouse. She’s totally brought having a beard into a trend.

FASHION ICON :: I can’t say that I have a single icon when it comes to fashion. I really enjoy and appreciate anyone who follows their own ‘weird’ with fashion. It’s the easiest and most immediate way to express oneself. I enjoy seeing the unique fashion choices so many pedestrians in San Francisco make. There’s never a dull walk in my hood.

MAKEUP ESSENTIAL :: Not really makeup: lashes. More lashes!!! Oh, and fierce lip color.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD DURING PRIDE WEEK 2014? :: This will be my second SF Pride — I had just moved here when last year’s Pride happened. Im excited to host the Pride editions of Dick@Nite at Moby Dick on Wednesday as well as Bulge at Powerhouse on Thursday. Saturday I’ll be going to the Robyn and Royksopp concert! I’m also looking forward to taking time off to enjoy friends and come play with Juanita at her 10th annual Pride party

CELEBRITY CRUSH :: She’s a new celebrity … but nonetheless my masc 4 masc crush (by which of course I mean mascara 4 mascara) is Milk from this past season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. A super handsome boy also a stellar, weird yet beautiful girl.

BEST CLUB LOOK :: I always loved playing with costumes. One of my funnest nights/looks was definitely the time I did the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus with Jem Jehova and Mutha Chucka. I think it may have to become a Halloween tradition. What do you think?

DRAG MOTHER :: LaVida Cruz is my drag mama. I got ready with her side by side on the first night I did drag. As is usually the case for a lot of us queens, it was a Halloween night.




With such style and grace, Dulce De Leche is a true glamour queen. While hanging out with her I got to watch her cook — and no, not in the kitchen. We in the beauty are well acquainted with the word’s make-up meaning. But for all of you who don’t know how to cook your make-up: it means letting your foundation and concealer sit on the face anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes before blending. That wait time lets your body heat melt the make-up into the skin. As the make-up oxidizes, it will change color and texture. The emollient ingredients will absorb into the skin, leaving a more pigmented coverage to blend with. Cooking results in a smoother, poreless finish that lasts longer. Kim K even does it! It also provides a nice window while you’re getting ready during which you can multi-task.

FASHION ICON :: I would have to say Divine.

MAKE-UP ESSENTIAL :: There’s a lot girl! It takes more then one to be a lady, honey.

DRAG MOTHER :: Juanita More!

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD DURING PRIDE WEEK 2014? :: Juanita More’s Pride party! It’s on Sunday Funday and yours truly will be gracing the stage.

CELEBRITY CRUSH :: Duh! Sean Astin.

BEST CLUB LOOK :: I would say when I hosted Daytime Realness on Easter this year. I made a hat that looks like a cake.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU TO GET READY FOR A NIGHT OUT? :: It depends there’s a 20 minute special to 3 hour special

WHERE DID YOU LEARN YOUR MAKE-UP SKILLS? :: I’m a girl from the streets of LA. Chola culture has always been around me.

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