Top image: Brown Meshugana humps a tree at the Queerly Beloved party at El Rio on Pride Sunday. Photo by Cat Donohue

Literally not one of us made it to the parade on Sunday, and whatever. Read the rest of our Pride Issue.


Photos by Cat Donohue

FAVORITE PRIDE MOMENT :: I am an uptight hip-hop princess who never goes to rock shows and I live in fear of a mosh pit, but this was probably finding the most perfect front row, side stage spot to watch local psych rock group Queen Crescent at the queer punk fest in Submission Art Space on Friday. If this show like that — Daddie$ Pla$tik, The Younger Lovers and Limp Wrist played too — can reach capacity within a half hour of opening the doors, San Francisco isn’t doing as bad as they say. I am so glad I wasn’t in the mosh pit.

FAVORITE PRIDE LOOK :: The gay phone sex advertisement print Wacky Wacko dress my babe got me that goddamn Courtney Trouble (love you girl) also wound up wearing to her Queerly Beloved party. Tom Temprano’s metallic gold grandfather cardigan he wore to House of Babes Sunday night. (Comfy-shiny is really a field of fashion I feel warrants more exploration.) The matching jerseys I saw a cute dyke couple sporting in Dolores Park on Pink Saturday that had Jay-Z/Beyonce “Bonnie and Clyde” lyrics on them. Brown Meshugana’s glove dispensing crotch piece with an “ask first” sign she wore while go go dancing and humping trees at Queerly Beloved. Blake Cedric’s very, very real NASCAR dad get-up at Hard French Pride. When I came up to talk to him about it he was in conversation with a daddy and they were both wearing white nylon jackets tied around their waists. It was so stupid.

WHAT PRIDE 2014 WAS ALL ABOUT :: In honor of racecar dyke dad, and most of what I saw people wearing whenever I ventured out of the house before nightfall, I’m going to have to say Pride 2014 was about normcore. Everyone was dealing with the normalization of queer and what it meant for their favorite scene. But also it was about my newly shaved head, so.

SONG OF PRIDE 2014 :: Normcore answer is “Turn Down For What” *sad face*


FAVORITE PRIDE MOMENT :: Watching the 100 block of Turk Street (at Taylor) be renamed Vicki Mar Lane, for the famous transgender performer. That was the only time I’ve ever cried during Pride.

FAVORITE PRIDE LOOK :: Possibly the white mesh t-shirt dress Saturn Jones wore to House of Babes, made by Sweetie Darling.

SONG OF PRIDE 2014 :: I don’t want to say it but it had to be “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. I heard it everywhere I went!

WHAT PRIDE 2014 WAS ALL ABOUT :: It’s strange … Now that I’m living in the Tenderloin and not in the Mission I get to see and view Pride in an entirely different way. It felt way more of a sense of community in the TL, in those smoky old dives listening to the older gays and drag queens reminisce.


Heeeeeeyz… I’m beat the fuck up, but prob from diff reasons than y’all. Truth be told I was too broke, stressed, hectic and exhausted to partake in any of the Pride festivities. Pride Week was moving week for me or more correctly put “stress the fuck out about finding a place to live, packing, rounding up first month’s rent, depositing it and not starving to death” week … I made it though, well kinda, but basically, but yeah…

It seemed as if every morning, afternoon, evening and night was packed with some event. I know this because of Facebook. I basically attended Pride via Facebook and texts. It was cute for a minute and then got dull. I wasn’t attempting to avoid thinking about the fun I was missing out on though. I mean, honestly, I really didn’t feel like being at a bar at 4:30 in the morn watching a drag performance (no shade Blade: Trinity twice in a row (aesthetically on point as the first film was). Between this movie and Nicki Minaj’s “Yas Bish Yas” I was having my own lil Pride party.

I did managed however to make it to House of Babes party for Jungle Pussy and Cakes Da Killa, but because I worked a last minute gig before hand I missed Jungle Pussy 😦 that was a double shot depresso, though Cakes was cute and helped soothe that loss … I was mainly overwhelmed by all my friends being there and how magnificently beautiful they all are (y’all know y’all some pretty people). Daddy givin’ me Marvel mutant drama, Brittany B. with that Angelica Pickles realness and our own Cat working that Jada Pinkett Smith bleach blonde fade … it was a good night for hair … nothing but looks, moments and ambition. That night was basically going from one huddle to the next and just galling in love with my friends over and over again. But I’m not gone lie, when 2:30 hit and my friend was ready to go home I was down for it.

Really Pride week wasn’t a turn up week for me and that isn’t a depressing thing. From afar — a.k.a. the glowing screen of my laptop I witnessed my friends host parties, release new artwork, collaborate amongst one another, show their spirit and beauty and simply be RIDE OR DIE for that queer life.


P.S. we were supposed to provide AHDM4U an image of our fave Pride moment, which the pics of hair are … But no lie, switching my desktop image from Tupac in a wig to Beyonce kissing my screen was like, in the top five moments of my life last week ❤


I literally spent the last four months preparing for San Francisco Pride 2014, so it’s a bit surreal to think it’s already over. I laughed, I cried and I basically was sober the entire time (except Thursday but who’s really keeping tabs). Here are my highlights bbs:

My favorite Pride 2014 moment was waking up next to my boo for our three year anniversary. I know, cheesy, but it’s so real for me. Spence is basically the man of my dreams and I can’t even believe it’s been three years. So yeah, that was cute.

Me in Maya Jewelry’s Fringe with Benefits earrings; Cakes Da Killa and me in an Abbey Dawn piece

My fave Pride 2014 pieces were my little black mesh Abbey Dawn tank dress that I wore on Saturday night because obvs a man in a dress made by Avril Lavigne is always my fave. And I basically never took off these Maya Jewelry Fringe with Benefits earrings.

Lolz, because I literally heard “Turn Down for What” a billion times this weekend. Ok, maybe it was like 4, but it was definitely SF Pride’s 2014 anthem.

Cat and me doing self-care at the beach. s/o to the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

My co-producer davO and me taking bathroom selfies

So this year I really feel like Pride was all about family actually. I know, y’all are like are you really this cheesy, but for real y’all I’m just generally happy like always. And to continue with my story, I basically got to spend Pride with my SF and Aussie fam and that was cute for me. Oh, and self-care. It’s all about the post Pride turn up of self-care y’all. That’s why I spent yesterday at the beach listening to the ocean.

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