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Hey chickadees! Today I’m gonna be talking about brows. They say your eyebrows can really define your face, and they are definitely important for communication and expression. In this edition of Chi Chi’s Beauty Salon, I’m going to teach you how to maintain your brows yourself. It can be really tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. I’ve gone ahead and made a step-by-step guide for you all. I hope you enjoy. Oh, and I have some extremely important news: Chi Chi’s Beauty Salon now has a Facebook page. Get it. Love it. HashTagME.

1. If your brows are sensitive, use ice to numb the areas before you tweeze. Once they’re ready, determine where your inner brow should end. Hold a straight edge, like an eyebrow pencil or tweezers, vertically in front of your face. Line your straight edge up so that it touches the outermost edge your nose and the inside of your eye. Mark that spot with an eyebrow pencil. This line will determine where your eyebrow should start.

2. Determine where your eyebrow’s arch should peak. Angle the straight edge so that it lines up with the outermost edge of your nose and the outermost edge of your iris. It’s very important that you look straight ahead while you do this. Wherever the line intersects your eyebrow is where the peak of your arch should begin at the top border of the eyebrow. Mark that spot with your eyebrow pencil.

3. Determine where your outer brow should end. Angle the straight edge further so that it touches the outermost edge of your nose. Mark this point with your eyebrow pencil.

4. Draw a line along the bottom edge of your brow, following the natural curve of your eyebrow. This will determine the brow thickness.

5. Tweeze the strays that fall below the line you just drew, and outside the marks you have made. Tweeze minimally above your brow, you want to maintain its natural arch.

6. Consider your face shape, it will affect the kind of brow that looks best. To minimize the curve of a round face, direct the outer third of the brow towards the top of the ear. If your face is square, direct the end of your brow toward the middle of the ear. This helps balance the face. If your face is long, keep the brow straighter, directing it above the ear. An oval face already looks balanced, but to enhance that symmetry, angle the brow towards your earlobe.

7. Trim your brows with an eyebrow trimmer. Some people have a hard time with this and end up creating gaps or holes in their brows. Try not to do that. Using a brow brush, brush the hairs upward. Cut the hairs that extend beyond your natural hair line at a diagonal — NOT straight across.

8. Develop a daily routine. By sticking to a specific contoured shape, spotting strays becomes easy.
If you’re in a rush, focus on tweezing between your brows. These hairs grow the fastest and take away from the natural shape of your newly perfect brows.

Got it? In the next edition of Chi Chi, we’ll take these basics tips and add on them for the perfect club look. ‘Til next time, chickadees.

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