By Brandon Drew Holmes

Life is fucking weird. Actually life is fucking many things. But let it be known I love y’all. And the love will be real this weekend, as a few of the boos are celebrating their birthdays.


So honestly, my Friday plans are as follows: ADOBE BOOKS 25TH ANNIVERSARY & ANDREW’S BDAY (7-10:30PM // FREE // ADOBE BOOKS // MORE) where we will wear silver to celebrate the shop’s silver anniversary, and toast to the wonderful Andrew McKinley. For y’all that don’t know Andrew is amazing. Point blank. He has done and continues to do a lot for the arts in San Francisco. Adobe is a worker-owned cooperative celebrating its first year in its new location on 24th Street and will have treats from Bi-Rite, plus tartan and music provided by Wam Bam Ashleyannae, Tylawave and Andy Pastalaniec.

Once I give Andrew his birthday hug, I’m scooting it on over to GLUE & SCREW: WAITING FOR TONIGHT (8PM-MIDNIGHT // FREE // S.H.E.D. PROJECTS // MORE). This will be the last ever exhibit at this alternative space and as such BONANZA, a collective consisting of Conrad Guervara, Lindsay Tully and Lana Williams, is putting together a one night only installation. Alongside the art, they will be DJing (as will I and artist Christopher Fullemann ❤ ) and celebrating into the night …

But just because that’s what I’m doing doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You could go and see TOO $HORT (8:30-3AM // $20-$25 // PUBLIC WORKS // MORE) playing with a full live band and local DJ cuties DavO and Jenna Riot … or do some semi-family fun shit and go to see VERTIGO (8-10PM // FREE // PIER 70 // MORE), the Hitchcock classic film which is screening for free on the Bay tonight, that could be really cute.

Also, the Hard French fellas are helping Vivvyanne Forevermore host CLUB SOME THING’S DANCE CONTEST! (10PM-2AM // $8 // THE STUD // MORE) with special drag numbers from Gina LaDivina and Jocquese Whitfield. The competition will probs be stiff as the prize is CA$H, honey. The categories are “Dancing in heels” (Embrace your inner Yonce, but NOT from a gay white guy thinking they have a strong black woman inside of them way.) “Best dance look” (Channel Cher, dah-ling.) “Best couple dance” (I don’t know but please wear matching denim à la Britney and Justin back from when the world was sane.) “Endurance” (Again … BEYONCE.) “Best go go dance” (Just dance naked.)


First off, let me say happy birthday to one of the Bay’s most precious photographer extraordinaires and ride or die boos … DADDY ROSE aka CLE!!!!! We out here with you, boo. Besides getting hot messy with Cle at some point, I’m gonna be multifaceted and check out the following:

QUEERS COME OUT FOR PALESTINE (3:30-4:30PM // FREE // HARVEY MILK PLAZA // MORE) is all about Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!), Gay Shame, SouthWest Asian and North African Bay Area Queers (SWANABAQ), Middle East Children’s Alliance, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and Catalyst Project getting together to show that Palestine’s rights are everyone’s rights. Signs, flags, banners, pride and unity are encouraged and welcome.

BECKY (6-9PM // FREE // MISSION COMICS & ART // MORE) is an exhibit featuring the work of Keke Hunt, Hanna Kirby and Marisa Takal. I’m really excited for this. It’s curated by the rad homegirl Quintessa Mantranga and gives me an opportunity to say #ByeBecky, even though that’s backwards in this case and I really wanna be saying #HEEEEEEEEEYbecky. But either way.

TEEN WITCH & BANJEE REPORT (10PM-2AM // $8-10 // ELBO ROOM // MORE) are finding their way here by way of Chicago. Honestly though … look at the #LOOKS … listen to the SOUNDS. Brush up on your Tumblr knowledge, Spice Girls trivia and lousy Miley twerk, then be there or be dead, basically. I’m coming in the joint with a pocket full of candy and a throat full of “yassss”, so you know.


This day is sweet, cute and simple and full of my two fave usual suspects. QUEERZ KICK BALLZ (3-6PM // FREE // MOSSWOOD PARK //MORE) aaaaannnnnnnndddddd CLUB FIST! (9PM-2AM // $5 // THE STORK CLUB // MORE). Both these moments will be full of fun, cute, mesmerizing moments so if you come out, come correct, honey! After sitting in the sun, BBQin’ and kickin’ that ball around for a bit go home and clean the sweat off (unless that your thing 🙂 ). Then get over to the club and give Daddy Rose their BIRTHDAY LICKS. Music provided by the glamorous and glorious DJ Siobhan Aluvalot, with drag by Dolphin Case and Miss Clamson, and music performances by Palmtrees and Werk Out Palace.


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