Top image of Viernes Roza; Text and photos by Caitlin Donohue.

I feel everything for Yolanda, so if the Mexico City drag queen invites me to her first gig since leaving her three day a week go-go residency at El Centro gay club Purísima, I’m going to go. I’m especially going to go if the party is in Condesa’s gloriously unsettling and kitsch Legión Americana, a military-themed American social club that serves cheap hamburgers beneath the flags and homoerotic photos of army officers that line its walls. And I’m going to go if there’s a passel of hot lesbians, boys wearing skirts, and shirtless cholas playing patty-cake on the bar. There were all those things at “Last Days of Mexico”, a drag party put on by the La Garçonnière Prod. and Wasted Sessions crews in Mexico City.

Yolanda performs to a couple songs in her pink and black polka dot dress, but her real talent is party hosting, which she’s made into an art. She fakes cunnilingus on the queer woman passing by, wraps people into bear hugs and takes amazing picture with everyone at the party. Her crazy is a nice contrast to the elegant Zemmoa, one of DF’s most famous drag queens who performs a new song off her upcoming album while perched on the DJ table. Zemmoa slays me in general, and specifically with her mini-dress/neon rain coat combo from Saturday night. Mexico City is big on the neon club outerwear in this moment.

My climax comes when the Viernes Roza twins climb onto the expat-friendly bar dressed as twin cholas in bandanas, bike shorts, creepers and chain necklaces. Once up there, they crouch down and play patty-cake to the beat. I take photos. Here’s a mix from one of the night’s DJs Fherdinand Strausse — Last Day Of’s Prinzessin, Iker Arce and Alan Balthazar also played — to soundtrack your browse. Remember you can click on any photo to make it bigger.

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