I am many things right now. All up in my EMOTIONS and drowning in THOUGHTS and FEELS. I’m still angry y’all (Ferguson and police killings), but now I’m also sick with the sniffles. So a bitch is just like on a whole new level of “NOPE”. I’ve elevated to “NAH”. I’m just out here posted up livin’ a life of “NAH, thanks”. TBH I ain’t got time for nothing right now, but while I’m HEALING y’all can check out these cute Bay Area moments.



I’ve been having conversations about protests and communities. Asking the question: what would it  look like if the Bay Area decided that it had had enough? ALEX NIETO RISES! MARCH FOR CIVIL RIGHTS AGAINST POLICE KILLINGS! (NOON-4PM // FREE // BERNAL HEIGHTS // MORE) is one of the many moments in which we can stand as a collective. I am not preaching, but this is where we all need to be. This is US.

I’m angry and sick. I’m not going out tonight. And if my ass can’t go out, then you can’t go out. On to …


Now, because I’ve barred you from having fun on a Friday night, Saturday’s plans are basically about turning up.

But before you get too hyphy check out SARAH EDWARDS AT RELOVE (5-8PM // FREE // RELOVE VINTAGE AND MODERN RESALE // MORE). Edwards is presenting a series of new oversized imagescapes. East Bay DJ Essex will be providing the tunes, there will be free champagne and obvs vintage shopping y’all.


I don’t wanna play favorites, but child, I’m playing favorites. First up in the evening’s list of turn ups is RAINBOW IN THE DARK x CLUB FIST! (8PM – DAWN // $7-10 // SATYA YUGA HAUS // MORE) featuring all my glamorous and gorgeous queer bbs out here living their life with the knob turned to the max and broken off. The evening features an album release from Bitter Fruit, the holy whore San Cha, Chicago’s Sofia Moreno, BeBe Huxley out here teaching us how to AGONIZE, performance drag art monster cute mess Alice Cunt, Dolphin Case and many more. This is going to get so sloppy and I am so okay with that. Shit show, my show ❤

120 MINUTES 4 YR ANNIVERSARY W/ JACK DONOGHUE & JOHN THE BAPTISTE (10PM-2AM // $8-10 // ELBOW ROOM // MORE) has obvs Jack Donoghue and John the Baptiste playing massive DJ sets, but y’all know the 120 Minute crew aways out here showing off and givin’ a killa show. This party stays poPpin’ off and folks stay havin’ moments (some of which are thankfully hidden behind unbelievable amounts of smoke and fog.)

Your ’90s club dream CLUB 1994 (10PM-2AM // $12-20 // RICKSHAW STOP // MORE) is going off, but let’s be real, at 1am on a Saturday, a hot mess is a hot mess, no matter the clothes they wearing or the music the jamming’ too. Party host Andy Vague and Theo Nguyen will be carrying the looks while DJs Jeffrey Paradise and Vin Sol will provide all the best ’90s jams. So be all beautiful and embody the dream royalty you were too lame or insecure to be back in that decade. Here’s some ’90s visuals, styling options, dance moves and beats to get you in the mood.

Lil’ tidbit for anyone who’s down with Canadian musician Jacques Greene or Bay Area local musician Jim-E Stack, they are both playing at Public Works as part of Noise Pop’s 20TH STREET BLOCK PARTY AFTER PARTY (9PM-2AM // $12-$15 // PUBLIC WORKS // MORE). I’m not necessarily down for the Noise Pop music festival, but I do know both these dudes rule and Jim-E is a child on the rise slaying the music game.


It’s KOREA DAY (10AM-5PM // FREE // ASIAN ART MUSEUM // MORE) and there’s a whole list of things to get into. The exhibit “Gorgeous” is on display, K-pop music, storytelling foe the kiddies, bojagi accessory workshops, the Ong Dance Company getting their dance on for you. Seriously, it’s free and there’s so much culture for you to get into. Broaden and enlighten yourself. I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t really listened to any K-pop and this is the first video that comes up when you youtube “K-pop”.

Watch how I do this smooth transition between events, QUEERZ KICKBALLZ (2PM // FREE // MOSSWOOD PARK //MORE) is today bring positive vibes and things to grill. We’re building community with all the cuties. It’s also the kick off for REVOLVE 2014 (AUG 24-30 // OAKLAND // MORE) a seven day film festival and artistic celebration for LGBTQIA and Ally Pride. Check out the Revolve film schedule and all of their corresponding events. I recommend that all you diehard film fans make it across the bridge, watch some things and celebrate hard.

MY GAZE /// YR GAZE (7:30-10:30PM // DONATIONS SUGGESTED // N/A // MORE ) is back and legendary punk musician Brontez Purnell will be hosting this event. The evening will host a screening of Yvonne Rainer’s 1974 film Film About A Woman Who. These events are always beautiful. Like seriously. Even if the films turn out to be a bit dull, it’s a selection that you can’t just find online, in a store or let alone a theater. The picking of guest host and their selections of films are always on point.  Let’s gather round today and celebrate Irwin, Brontez and Yvonne (who I hear is choreographing a new piece y’all!) The event is free, but I suggest you donate some cash to the evening. Be cute and support artists giving y’all culture and entertainment.

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