By Kelly Lovemonster 

International mega-babe DJ Sveta has played the coolest parties on the planet. Seriously tho, from Frankie Sharp’s NYC turn up WestGay, haute couture runway events for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, even secret shows with pop superstar Kylie Minogue, Sveta is the choice under and above ground DJ. She describes her early life story “as a real Sound of Music style escape” from the oppressive regime of Soviet Ukraine to Australia. Why Australia? Her parents “thought it sounded like a safe place.” Being foreign and seen as different Sveta was bullied often at school. She found refuge in music (Boy George and Bowie records in particular). By the ripe old age of 17, Sveta was DJing a breakfast radio show at her university and soon after taking bookings to play house and dance music vinyls at events around Sydney.


When asked to describe her current DJ style Sveta says:

“I really don’t have a particular style. I’m obsessed with music, so I just buy whatever inspires me at the time. I’m thirsty for new styles. I get bored quickly, so I’m an early adaptor to new sounds. I find it hard to DJ my favorite music sometimes. I find audiences don’t quite adapt as fast. Over time, I have learnt how to weave all the music I like in a way that doesn’t sound like a total mess, and actually sounds like a style all of my own. Although my multi-stylistic style has proved to be a challenge for promoters since I’m difficult to categorize.”

TBH, Sveta eclectic sound of dance, house, vogue and hip hop is the MOST. I wouldn’t hesitate to describe her style as fresh, ahead of the curve and flavorful.

“My particular favorite styles are New York style bitch house or vogue, which I’ve been spinning since the ’90s. I love sissy bounce, deep house, tribal, techno, some hip-hop, disco and generally, most bass-heavy music.”



Above Photo :: DJ Sveta and Boy George

Sveta’s uncategorizable sound has also landed her the ultimate DJ gig with her childhood idol Boy George — three times.

“The 12 year old me inside my head was tripping out the first time I DJ’d for Boy George, but the adult me felt totally relaxed with him. He was super sweet. The second time we played together, we got picked up in the same car, and he sung to me in Russian. The last time was earlier this year. He stepped out of the lift and said, “Hello Svetlana”. When I took over from his set, he stayed on for a bit and sang along. He meant the world to me throughout my youth so to be standing on a stage with him as a contemporary, an artist, is special in a way that I have no words for.”

Next up on Sveta’s schedule are a bunch of gigs in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart. If you happen to be lucky enough to be in Oz in the next few weeks, check her out. Sveta’s particularly excited about her gig at Heaps Gay with dancer and artist Bhenji Ra, her upcoming set at ArtBar at the Museum of Contemporary Art and spinning for Big Freedia on Jan 2. Check out Sveta’s website for event details and her full schedule. See, I told you she plays the coolest parties.

Listen to DJ Sveta’s exclusive mixtape for AHDM4U:

Want to keep up with DJ Sveta? Check her out on Facebook and Soundcloud.



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