HEY BISHES ❤ It’s my birthday weekend! Beyoncé and I practically share a birthday. Y’all jealous, huh? Deal with it. Just call me Virgo Spice.


It’s First Friday, an evening of art and music in Oakland, and tonight’s the night to come and check up on it.

LOVE IS THE ANSWER: SOLO PHOTO SHOW BY CLE TORRES (7-11PM // FREE // MOCO GALLERY // MORE) Our girl Cle, a.k.a. Johnny Rose a.k.a. DADDY is out here having her first solo exhibit in Oakland. Always with a camera in hand, she stay capturing every cute hot messy moment, look and kink scenario. The evening will include live performances from some of my fave Bay Area artists Rheal’ Tea, Bebe Huxley, Dolphine Case and Alice Cunt. The last opening I went to at Moco Gallery was live as fuck with the one and only Per Sia literally crowd surfing out the door and onto the streets.

Tonight at GERONE SPRUILL & JOHN HILTUNEN (6-9PM // FREE // ECONO JAM RECORDS // MORE) artists Spruill and Hiltunen will be featuring some of their work through the Creative Growth program, a program which serves adult artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. Hiltunen will show some of his dynamic collage work and Spruill will be displaying what he describes as his prismacolor and ink drawings. The evening will also include a live DJ set by Hiltunen. Rumor has it he has an extensive music collection. Something I can truly get down with.

SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (7PM-MIDNIGHT // FREE // CITY LIMITS // MORE) finds the gallery giving us just that. This event will be an artistic salon-style group exhibit which will also function as fundraiser for City Limits. The 50+ artists invited to exhibit were asked to contribute one new work which differed from anything they had made before. Basically: take a chance, step up out your box, live a little and give us that new new.

AMEN : A COLLABORATIVE MEDITATION FOR SURVIVAL (6-9PM // FREE // BETTI ONO // MORE) is the fourth anniversary exhibit for the Betti Ono gallery and the first time artists Amaryllis DeJeus Moleski and Carri Y. T. Kholi are collaborating. Approaching Christianity with a contemporary mindset, the two artists are imagining what the future would hold for the world if holy texts included dialogue about queerness, femme identity and being brown.

San Francisco has a few things poppin’ off as well tonight.

ARTIST TELEVISION ACCESS’S 30TH ANNIVERSARY 30 HOUR MARATHON SCREENING (SEPT 5, 1PM; SEPT 6, 7PM // SLIDING SCALE DONATION // ARTISTS’ TELEVISION ACCESS // MORE) is duh ATA’s 30th anniversary celebration. Compiling independent, underground and experimental films and performances, the roster holds amazing work from ATA’s phenomenal history. The list of artists screening is overwhelming, so I recommend you go to the link and see what’s what. ATA is always holding it down.

MAINTENANCE YARD : PABLO GUARDIOLA (6-9PM // FREE // ROMER YOUNG // MORE) I really do adore artist Pablo Guardiola, his work and Romer Young gallery. I had my first real “OMG, I understand this art, thus I’m smart” moments with his previous solo exhibit. Working mainly in photography, Pablo uses what he refers to as “assisted ready mades” to fill out his cryptic ideas. Always full of thought, always visually striking, always conceptually ripe and always on point.  Make sure to see this.

And for your late night turn up there’s RDMWERK (10PM-3AM // $15-20 // F8 // MORE) who is collaborating with Brap Dem! Recordings to giving y’all Traxman, RP Boo, NonFuture, Sam Supa and Twopercento which all translates to an evening of extraordinary music. I slept on my tix, so I’ma try and squeeze my big ass on up in there somehow, but if not there’s always tomorrow night’s shenanigans.


So yes yes y’all. 29 years ago a blossoming photographer and aspiring model gave birth to a 2 foot baby boy. I’m talking about ME y’all. I didn’t get all them model genes, but I sure got the creative ones and mama know how to dance too, so in honor of my mommy showing the world how to be a single young mother let’s get down and twerk the fuck out of life.

HARD FRENCH (2-8PM // $10-$12 // EL RIO // MORE) is bringing out the fabulous soul legend SUGAR PIE DESANTO and let me tell you, she know how to show you some moves and sing you some tunes. She will be cute, This will be cute, you better show up cute. DJs Carnita and Brown Amy will of course be giving you all that all-vinyl girl group, northern soul and funky foot ’60s turn up. And child, they will be BBQ, FOR FREE! I’m bout to get real country on this Saturday. Y’all know I’m originally from Memphis!

LATENITE BUBBLES (8-11PM // ????? // THE BOX FACTORY // MORE) featuring artwork by Eddie Rifkind and a list of fabulous guest photographer and promoter Uel Uel, Faith Mystic and Latashia Govan (to name a few) Bernadette will be hosting San Francisco’s premier talk show before this party gets started.

Coming back at us with the best that they got is WOMAN V (9PM-2AM // $10 // THE KNOCKOUT // MORE) Boy Young and Primo’s nasty and creative drag party. This is seriously in my top three drag parties at the moment. Primo doesn’t fuck around on the decks and Boy Young doesn’t fuck around with his drag. Shit is and stays on the extra, in a good way. Ben McCoy, Kitty Von Quim, Dulcle De Leche and Boy Young themselves will be hitting the stage and leaving every straight girl in that bar edgeless for the weekend.

In acknowledgement of Sylvester’s glory and Joan’s passing, here’s this moment in time… Joan’s shady ass just throwing the maximum amount of shade that she could…

GO BANG! (9PM-3AM // $7 // THE STUD // MORE) are out here exposing and enlightening the children to that good disco, that disco that saves lives, that disco your parents don’t want you to know they used to get nasty to and tonight the GO IN is in honor of the Queen of Queens, Disco’s Spirit Animal, the Atomic Dancefloor Disco Action Idol SYLVESTER!!! Prince Wolf will be hosting while guests Tobirus Mozelle sings that heart out and vogue dancer Jocquese Whitfield let’s it all out. DJs Steve Fabus and Sergio Fedasz take their disco serious and know what’s what. This is and will always be SF’s Disco gem, baby child.


ADEE/GRACE ART SALE (12-5PM // FREE // MORE is a cute lil moment in time where there will be art for sale (starting at $30!), sangria, sunshine and lovely tunes. Simple affair of love and fun. Check the prints, original paintings and clothing and keep the dollars and love local.

Our Kelly Lovemonster is coming back through with the impeccable SWAGGER LIKE US (3-8PM // $5-$8 // EL RIO // MOREand rolling out the carpet for Bay Area rapper Nicky Nylon and Portland resident guest DJ SPF666. This turn up is one the most splendid, beautiful, harmonic, soul lifting and joyous in the Bay. Every aspect comes together and it’s seriously like … like … like, you’d think Beyonce just gave you a hug or something. It just be having me on cloud nine. Beautiful faces, looks for days, the DJ workings of davO and boy_friend and my crew. If you want to wish me a happy birthday and all the best for the last of my 20s then I recommend you come find my, possibly stoned and or drunk, hind tail on the back patio trying’ my damnedest to be cute and get my picture taken by photographer Takeover Tokyo ❤

Happy Birthday to ME ❤

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