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San Francisco is buzzing with kink as it officially enters Leather Pride Week a.k.a. Folsom week — a time of year for celebrating BDSM, fetishes and the diversity of human sexuality. The week will culminate in the world’s largest and kinkiest open air festival Folsom Street Fair. The SoMa district’s Folsom Street between 7th and 12th Streets will be saturated with vendors selling everything from the best silicone lube to floggers to puppy tails (silicone butt plugs that wag very similarly to a dog’s tail.) Large stages will be set up showcasing live suspension demos, naked twister and so many porn celebs. You know, just a casual Sunday with me and 400,000 curiously slutty strangers.

Needless to say, I’m beyond excited to celebrate my fifth Folsom in SF. And TBH, I’m really just starting to explore my kinkier side. Folsom for me has always been about the FASHION! When else is it absolutely ok to wear a denim short thong, a dog collar and latex top. Where else can you see a promenade of beautiful people dressed like horses with long flowing horse hair butt plugs, elegant and colorful head dresses and jeweled encrusted tops pulling their dom along the streets.

And let’s not forget the parties y’all. I hope everyone has planned ahead and gotten Monday off because this week and weekend are going to be B E Y O N D! Can’t wait to frolic with y’all this week. But for now, Cat and I leave you with AHDM4U’s ninth issue: ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS.

Things in this issue you will love as much as I do:

The ultimate guide to the week’s best kinky parties, educational events and socials curated especially for you by Cat and I.

– Artist and porn star Damien Moreau features his new erotic series “Oh Boy”. Think pretty boys masturbating. Wait that’s exactly what it is.

– San Francisco writer Billy Agnes shares some of his smutty poetry.

– Photographer Brett Walker’s beautiful online gallery from Folsom 2013.

– And adult industry fave Porno Bobbie returns with a special fetish edition of the Porno Bobbie Awards.



Dear babes,

Since I moved to Mexico City, I’ve been having a lot of thoughts (cheap rent allows for them.) Especially about San Francisco, the streets where I grew up, left and returned to in order to start my writing career and become an adult.

And though I don’t regret my decision to take a break from the Bay in the slightest, distance has given me the perspective I need to realize that the this place does have some really special things about it. One is California’s glorious tradition of medical marijuana. Sativas and indicas and vaporizers and sage blends in casual joints, I missed you cough.

But the other is sex culture — the play parties that are calmly listed in the local newspaper, the social mores that allow you to see your dentist in a pentagram harness over the weekend and go to her for a molar filling next Tuesday. This is not just a prurient interest of mine. Visible sexuality, as any early participant in an LGBT Pride parade will tell you, is about more than getting boners and inspiring them in others. Wearing your sex loudly says that you see past this boring cage that hegemonic society wants to put us in. That you reject business casual as a way of life.

Speaking of … UGH kinky fashion, I die for. When the main focus of clothes is not to cover your body, you can do really interesting things with them, a fact that was really hammered home for me when Kelly and I were in the wardrobe room prepping for a videoshoot last week and I caught our friend Princess Donna rifling through racks of see-through latex catsuits.

Things in the ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS issue you simply must read:

– AHDM4U makeup guru Chi Chi’s round up of her favorite sluts and their beauty secrets.

– Professional dominatrix and sexy thought leader Tina Horn’s 101 on how to get started — smartly — in the kink lifestyle.

– My Mexico City babe Chico Malo’s account of contracting syphilis — plus an amazingly creepy/sexy video trailer that he’s debuting with AHDM4U.

– An interview with queer erotica artist Felix D’Eon.

– You’re not gonna read this, fine. But you need to LISTEN to DJ Workalook’s hella fierce, Folsom-ready diva mixtape.

I’m loving being back in SF this month. See you in the streets, at Swagger Like Us, in my dreams xoxooxoxo



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