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La petite mort is the French phrase for orgasm. Directly translated to English it means, “the little death.” It’s a metaphor that adequately describes the moment one’s eyes roll back in the head, when the toes curl and the body tenses as one reaches that pinnacle point during sex. Artist, porn star and dear friend Damien Moreau fucks for art and has shot and directed a new series of erotic shorts capturing beautiful men in their most private moment. Obvs I mean masturbating.

But these aren’t your ordinary jack-off scenes. Moreau’s new series “Oh Boy” is a collection of story line driven shorts capturing the beauty of what men do in their private time. In the first installation, Sébastian elegantly walks through a garden, gazes out his bedroom window and gracefully dances in his living room. There’s no way to say this without feeling a bit cheesy, but watch the trailer and see for yourself how Moreau captures the beauty in the mundane.

Moreau and I spoke via email for AHDM4U’s ninth issue, ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS. Our dialogue focused on art, sex and the definitions that bind our understanding of each. Moreau and I also discussed the “Oh Boy” series, his first porn scene and how he gets all these beautiful men to undress for him.

AHDM4U:: Would you describe yourself as a porn star, an artist or both?

DAMIEN MOREAU:: Funny that you ask, quite recently a close friend and I were talking about this very topic. I don’t relate to being an artist anymore although at one time, years ago, I was passionate about pursuing the title. I don’t feel like a porn star either — even though that’s the inherent term that most assign to my current work. I think you have to work for the title of porn star, like queer sensation Courtney Trouble or gay porn mega-star Adam Killian — I’ve still got to pay my dues, haha!

I relate more with being a person who has a vision and the ambition to execute that vision by using the body in film to connect emotionally and sexually with the world. Oh fuck, I sound like such an artist, haha!

This quote from John Waters’ film Female Trouble said by Divine (in the role of Dawn Davenport) best describes how I view myself: “I’m a thief and a shitkicker, and … I’d like to be famous.”

AHDM4U:: Has shooting porn changed or affected your “behind the scenes” sex life?

DM:: Shooting porn has affected my personal sex life in that people expect me to be the character they see on screen, which I understand. In some situations it has  proven detrimental, making it difficult to connect with my sexual partners on a deeper emotional level. Don’t misread me here, I’m still on that kinky tip. I am a cock-worshiping cum slut with a craving for golden showers. I need that in my sex life. But I also have a soft side off-screen and a mind that needs to be equally stimulated. Wow, is this my Live Journal from 1999?

My sex life is getting better though. I’m learning how to choose partners who satisfy me both mentally and physically, and the wisdom to know the difference.

AHDM4U:: How did you end up living in Mexico City? Do you find it that the city has affected you artistically?

DM:: Originally I was planning to move to San Francisco or Los Angeles. But after a chance encounter, I was offered a room in a beautiful house designed by Mexican architect Juan Segura in the early 1930s, which is perpetually inspiring to wake up in. Actually, Mexico City is full of architectural intrigue. Mexico City has affected me creatively and certainly set the tone for the first episode of my XXX mini-series “Oh Boy”.

AHDM4U:: What is “Oh Boy”?

DM:: “Oh Boy” is a mini-series with a pornographic slant. The series has a subtle narrative with reoccurring characters who briefly interact in their day-to-day routine. It’s all brought together by the characters’ private sexual experiences. I’m interested in the mundane and how sexy it can be. Masturbation is pretty simple, almost boring when you consider it. I want to play that up and try to capture how sexy it is — a moment that one shares in private. I think about people I know or people I’ve seen on the street, what do they look like when their jerking off. We see each other out in the world acting out our lives but what are we acting out in private, alone. I hope my viewers will relate with the Oh Boy characters as they glimpse into the their lives both public and private. I’m excited for the release of the first episode and even more excited for the second as the second sparks the interaction between the characters, however subdued.

AHDM4U:: How does “Oh Boy” differ from your last piece “Kangourou”? What are some of the inspirations that lead to the “Oh Boy” series?

DM:: Compared to “Kangourou”, I want “Oh Boy” to feel original and fresh without literal reference. My main inspirations come from the actors themselves. Each character in “Oh Boy” is based loosely on the person I know them to be in reality. For example Sébastian, the character from episode one, is a dancer in his real life. When I met him I knew that I had to exhibit his beautiful talent, and so I did. It’s a very provocative scene, the way he seductively looks at the viewer as he performs his dance. You can see a sneak peek from his dance in the teaser for episode one that’s posted here on AHDM4U.

AHDM4U:: The preview for “Oh Boy” feels very cinematic and beautiful. Sébastian seems very comfortable with you. How do you get your models to be at ease, strip down and then masturbate for you?

DM:: I think the models connect with the concept of “Oh Boy” because in a way, it’s their story. They get to act naturally, be themselves. I keep communication open on set between the actors, the crew and myself. The first thing I do is remind them that they are in a safe space, and they have full control. The crew and I are only present to document the experience, and it can be stopped at anytime. Then I walk them through the day as I have it planned, but plans always change so I make that clear too. I do my best to keep them in the loop because it really is all about them. I don’t baby the actors but I make sure they know they are taken care of and I give them space when they need it. I love the work I do, and I like the people I work with. I want to make their time on set pleasurable. Also, my team is super cute so that makes it real easy for the actors to drop their drawers.

AHDM4U:: Have you ever or do you still get nervous when you go to set to shoot a porn scene?

DM:: Being on-set can be very nerve-wracking, standing naked in front of a room of people who are expecting you to give your best performance. Funny enough in my very first scene ever, as the sub to a six man gang-bang on site “Bound In Public”, I was not nervous at all, it was exhilarating instead. I never had stage fright up until recently, when I did a live cam show and sex scene, and I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. But it was fine — unfortunately I psyched myself out and it compromised some of my performance. Anyway, I think I’ve recovered.

AHDM4U:: Will you appear in an episode of “Oh Boy”?

DM:: As of right now I haven’t planned on appearing in the “Oh Boy” series. I want a little physical distance from this project to stay focused on my characters and their stories. I get enough on screen action so it has been refreshing to step away and direct, produce and edit. Maybe down the line I will have a short appearance — I would really like to do a hot kissing scene with clothes on. but we’ll see.


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