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For the 4U mixtape accompanying our Folsom Street Fair-themed ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS issue, we needed a Bay Area DJ with a reputation for soundtracking sensual, sweaty dance floors. Enter DJ Workalook, a.k.a. Leah Perloff. Baybes know Workalook — in her previous incarnation as DJ Rapid Fire — for her long-running Stay Gold party. No holds barred baby making times when that party was going. Workalook’s being doing a lot of traveling recently, having just spent the summer in Montreal, so we were stoked to catch her for this baaaad, diva-heavy mix below. Listen while you’re lubing yourself into that latex gown this weekend for extra fierce.

4U :: Tell us about the mixtape you made.

WORKALOOK :: This mixtape is the perfect storm of dirty hip-hop and fun, freaky house. I wanted to give AHDM4U an upbeat mixtape filled with remixes of some of our favorite songs that will get everyone in the mood to party this weekend.

4U :: What are you most looking forward to about Folsom?

WORKALOOK :: I’m super excited to DJ on Sunday with my bbs Double Duchess who are performing at Folsom Street Fair! (1:30pm, main stage) I’m also excited for the Lexington Club Uniform Party, Pound Puppy, Deviants, and obvs Caitlin’s party Meow. [Editor’s note: Check out the AHDM4U guide to Folsom with info on all these happenings.]

4U :: What’s the sexiest thing that ever happened on one of your dance floors?

WORKALOOK :: Oh my god, my goal for every dance floor is for people to make out, grind, twerk and fall in love. I am pretty lucky that this is a regular occurrence when I DJ. I have seen some seriously crazy shit go down.

4U :: You recently trekked to Canada for the summer. What did you miss most when you left the Bay?

God this summer in Montreal was the best! I DJ’d all over the city and had a blast getting to experience all those hottie French and Anglo babes dancing to my music. Returning to the Bay has been great. I definitely missed my community and my pals doing amazing work here. I feel blessed to have come up here in SF.

Catch Workalook on her upcoming run-the-world tour through Europe an Japan and in the Bay Area on Sept. 23 at Switch SF, Oct. 11 at Swagger Like Us, Oct. 18 at the Bold Italic’s Treasure Island party boat, and on Oct. 24 with Big Freedia at Mezzanine.

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