What trouble did AHDM4U staff and contributors in last week’s Folsom-themed ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS Issue get into over Folsom Street Fair weekend? Here’s the stories they could post on the Internet.


I thought it best to let these photos speak for themselves.

Brett shot rad photos of last year’s Folsom Street Fair in the ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS issue. 


Most memorable moment: Most certainly throwing my first big event, a gnarly and amazing Folsom Street Fair after-party named Meow. We decided to do it a week in advance because we are insane and had no idea what it takes to make a large party go smoothly. So everything that could go wrong with logistics did, but there was pussy-eating on the go-go boxes and incredible performances by Kitty Von Quim, Rheal Tea and Dolphin Chase. It was really shiny and weird and only cost $10 and all genders and sexual orientations were representing and everyone made out.

Best outfit: DJ Robin Simmons’ “Environmentality” khaki vest, which I guess is some kind of California hippie version of Boy Scouts, because it was covered in plastic bugs. There was also an off-center homemade pin that some kid had written the word “Bugs” on it, capitalized just like that. I think he had a striped rainbow shirt underneath the vest. He literally wore that look to DJ at the Powerhouse on Sunday, while Folsom Street Fair raged around him. I love that man.

Dirtiest thing that happened: On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to my first sex party, Polly Superstar’s Kinky Salon kitty-themed orgy (um this story deserves its own post) and then made it to the Folsom edition of Pound Puppy, our friendly local dog fetish monthly. I felt very whole, slightly disturbed, and happy to be in San Francisco that night.

Song of Folsom 2014: Double Duchess “Good Girl Freak Out”

Caitlin’s pretty down for her letter from the editor in last week’s issue, but she thinks you should really read the whole issue when you get right down to it.


Most memorable moment: Dancing to Jeffrey Sfire‘s DJ set at Pound Puppy.

Best outfit: Stevie Ann [top row, right photo, person on right] by far. That mesh dress, wow.

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Most memorable moment: Being bound to Cyd St. Vincent by Ex Libris at Swagger Like Us’ pre-Folsom bash, Fetish. Going to Isabel Dresler’s cute photobooth during Folsom to take dirty photos with Shannon and James Darling.

Best outfit: This goes to the guy walking through Hayes Valley two days after Folsom wearing a cock sock and a mini purse. Whoever you are, thank you for reminding me just how wonderful SF is, fair on/fair off.

Dirtiest thing that happened: Getting a rim job by cutie Victor Belmont in Xara Thrustra’s Peepshow Photobooth at the post-Folsom party Meow.

Song of Folsom 2014: “Hey QT” by the elusive Sophie. It may be the song of 2014.

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Most memorable moment: DJing on the main stage with Double Duchess. They truly slayed their performance and it was amazing to be a part of it for my first event as DJ Workalook. New hair, new name, new mixtape. I gotta say, I’m feeling alright.

Best outfit: Everyone looked amazing and really took their fashion to the next level. Seeing stylish queers throughout the festival was the best.

Dirtiest thing that happened: It might not be super dirty, but I had my first experience getting my boots blacked and I loved it — so sexy and fun. Plus my donation went to Project Open Hand, a group that does such amazing work in the community.

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Most memorable moment: This amazing being of light pictured above in this web of rob and party at SLU.

Best outfit: Is it ok to nominate yourself? Lolz, but seriously this Folsom was all about the mesh and sheer clothing. Big ups to the bb Cat & I for holding it down (also pictured above).

Dirtiest thing that happened: I really don’t like to kiss and tell. Let’s just say multiple people where involved.

Song of Folsom 2014: OBVS, Diplo & Swick Ft TT The Artist & Lewis Cancut “Dat a Freak“. The chorus sings “Oh you goin’ love a freak like me” which was essentially my Folsom anthem.

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