By Kelly Lovemonster

Arca :: Thievery 

Venezuelan producer and DJ Arca just dropped a new music video for his Latin-infused, futuristic track “Thievery”. The visuals parallel Arca’s sound with a curvaceous, babely, blue-toned humanoid going in with hip swirls, booty drops and the most sensual pelvic thrusts, alone in a dimly-lit, strobe-filled room. Read more about Arca out in this rad cover story on Fader.

Double Duchess feat. Future People :: Good Girl Freak Out 

SF-based electro hop duo Double Duchess have just taken their musical game to the next level in their newest music video, featuring Kelly Osburne and directed by J.B. Ghuman Jr. There are so many moments that make this video grand, but we’ll just give you our top five:

1. Kelly Osbourne radiating purple laser beams out of her eyes.

2. The babe with the infinitely long braid doing the most with her hand dance.

3. SF performance artist Saturn Jones just giving us all the moves.

4. DD’s davO rapping on the white bucket with matching white painted feet.

5. Krylon Superstar’s nude moment.

Cakes Da Killa :: Living Gud, Eating Gud

We at AHDM4U are so down for NYC darling Cakes Da Killa and his fast, heavy flows that resonant truth: “… old niggas pushin’ thirty, I’m coming thru at thirty, faggots on the come up …” This video for “Living Gud, Eating Gud” hosts a medley of amazing motifs, including a neon ’90s cyber girl co-star poppin’ in a headstand.

Mz 007 :: Important

YAAASSSSSS! This is a PSA club banger, y’all. We recommend turning the volume way up while the incredibly fierce Mz 007 reminds you exactly why she’s important. Refreshing and confident, “Important” is a club anthem for anyone who may feel like they don’t belong.

Justin Shoulder & Bhenji Ra :: Deep Alamat

Ok, we admit this isn’t a music video per say. But Sydney-based performance artists Justin Shoulder and dancer Bhenji Ra have curated a visually stellar performance art film that y’all should totally check out. Shoulder’s sculptural — almost insect-like — costume comes to life through movement in an organic natural scene while Ra mesmerizes in a dusty, abandoned warehouse space. Both artists are telling the story of mythical beings they have created. Watch and see what happens when these two finally meet.



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