Top image: Students from Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Autonomos University of Puebla) march, holding posters with the faces of the 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa Normal students over their own. Photo via El Universal

On September 26 a rural police barricade in the Mexican state of Guerrero somehow morphed into a gun battle with a bunch of college students and after six were shot dead, 43 were carted off by law enforcement. They disappeared. Shortly thereafter, the mayor of the town and his wife went on the lam. The governor of Guerrero resigned. A month later, the federal government announces that the 43 were shot by the drug cartel members the police handed them off to, their remains burned to ash. The bereaved families still don’t buy the story. If all this had happened in the United States, 4U Magazine thinks you’d already know about the march today that you need to be at. As is, we feel the responsibility to shout about this: today, as the anniversary of the 1910 Mexican Revolution, has been chosen for a nationwide general strike in Mexico, and as an international protest day around the world. And it’s really important that we show up here in the United States to support our Mexican neighbors, not only because they’re rising up against a government that seems impossibly fucked up, but also because it got that way because of the way our own elected government encouraged — funded! — the hypocritical and awful War on Drugs that financed the corruption that ended up killing these kids.

Everyone find out where your local demonstration is, there is one. San Francisco, get your ass down to Justin Herman Plaza. 4U Mag will see you there.




We know. How much more art about eviction can you really handle? But this multimedia group exhibition — over 40 artists were involved — promises hope for community. It’s based around the South African principle of ubuntu, roughly translated as “I am because we are.” Join your SF family tonight to celebrate its opening. PLACE/DISPLACED (OPENING RECEPTION: 6-10P // FREE // EXHIBIT RUNS THROUGH DEC. 13 // SOMARTS CULTURAL CENTER // MORE)


It’s possibly the best chance you’ll have to question the wisdom of her Lifetime movie debut this weekend. Grumpy Cat will be at the unveiling of Macy’s annual holiday windows featuring adoptable cuties from the SF SPCA. Your face might break from all the alternate bouts of cooing and faux scowling you’re about to do here MACY’S HOLIDAY WINDOWS UNVEILING AND GRUMPY CAT APPEARANCE (5P // FREE // MACY’S // MORE)


Drag queen re-enactments of full length movies are one of the many things that making living in San Francisco the special unicorn ride that it is, and they’re doing Romy and Michelle, so duh. PEACHES AND HEKLINA’S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION ($30-65 // CASTRO THEATRE // MORE) is this weekend — please note the upper price range of the tickets is called the Business Lady’s Special and includes alcohol.

BEARRACUDA (10P-2A // $10-25 // RICKSHAW STOP // MORE) may always be the best party to rub furry bellies, but tonight the special guests soar: Austin freak drag princess Christeene takes the stage and VH1 Flavor of Love‘s New York hosts the evening.


Chicken prize! No No Bingo host VivvyAnne ForeverMORE. Photo by Tom Temprano

Our favorite bingo night in town with our favorite drag queen bingo hostess VivvyAnne Forevermore, NO NO BINGO ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY (8P-MIDNIGHT // BINGO CARD WITH DRINK PURCHASE // VIRGIL’S // MORE) promises the chance to win a roast chicken, a pie, and flaunt your Beyonce knowledge. A necessary Monday night hangout.

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