By Kelly Lovemonster

We at 4U Mag have been totally having a fan girl year for the beautiful, English-born FKA Twigs. Admit, Twigs’ dark, sensual R&B sound is truly innovative, and her visual manifestations carry a similar sentiment of darkness, magic and sex that for us equate to E V E R Y T H I N G! Twigs’ subculture appeal was even sought out by Google Glass in an attempt to save its bizarre, elitist wearable technology, but we all saw right through that, obviously. And did you not watch her call the corners live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? It’s undeniable that Twigs is making her mark in music. Twigs’ gelled down edges, decorative septum jewelry and street wear looks are also making their mark in the fashion world — regardless if Twigs is the originator of the trends, she is most definitely helping to propel them forward. 2014 saw a lot of this artist, but y’all may have been too busy trying to keep up with the gossip on Twigs and her new boy Robert Pattinson. No worries, 4U Mag has gathered five must see video collabs that FKA Twigs has either directed, produced and/or just slayed. You’re welcome.

Chicago’s Lucki Eck$’s “Ouch Ouch” featuring Twigs is a mystifying, dark home video. It features Twigs in a bedroom OBVS casting a spell. The video includes several motifs Twigs likes to use in her productions: gif-like effects, reversing of film and slow motion.

FKA Twigs has mentioned countless times her love of and background in dance. She’s been filmed voguing during her shows and has collaborated with several prominent dance companies. Watch London based krump dance collective Wet Wipez in this opulent video directed by Twigs. It’s all set in what looks like a palace’s main hall, so lush.

BBC Live Lounge invites various artists to come in and do covers of each others’ songs, and of course the program had FKA Twigs over. The coolest thing about this Twigs cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” is that Twigs uses her quintessential artistic style to transform Smith’s song into a haunting love poem that is perfectly … FKA Twigs.

Dazed Magazine clearly loves this woman as much as 4U Mag. They have premiered several Twigs videos including the above “tw-ache”, a contemporary dance video featuring FKA Twigs.

Los Angeles producers and brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged of inc. collaborated with FKA Twigs to create this piece. Catch the deep, beautiful desert southwestern vibes in this music video.

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