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We couldn’t help ourselves. 4U Mag had to pay homage to the Queen on the anniversary of the release of her E P I C self-titled album Beyoncé. Come on, who doesn’t still freak out when “Drunk in Love” comes on and wait ’til just the right moment to shout from the top of their lungs, “SURFBOARDT”? This album taught us way more than the fact that pretty hurts. We learned that being vulnerable and taking risks is a part of being an artist. Fuck, it’s a part of being alive. We learned that being an out and proud feminist is not only sexy, but vital. The album marked the end of Bey’s transition from Destiny’s Child into a pop mega star, mother, wife and bad ass bitch. We’ve all had a year to reflect on its genius. So obvs, 4U had to invite some of our fave artists and contributors to curate fan fiction, videos and photo shoots in celebration — and loving criticism — of Bey. We here at 4U Mag are grown women, and we can do whatever we want. Enjoy.

– “The dance floor has been the primary arena where I exercise my politics”: Oakland’s DJ Essex blessed us with a post-Beyoncé mixtape and talked race and music.

– You’ll never look at Bey the same. Read sex writer Tina Horn’s gif-illustrated Beyoncé erotica, Beyoncé and the Golden Dildo.

– OKStupid recreated the entire Visual Album on video in 2014. But is Beyoncé really that flawless? Damien Moreau called the drag video vixen to discuss.

– Welcome to Mexico City photographer Maria Fernanda’s world of superfangirldom in True Life: I’m Addicted to Bey.

– Our cover artist Antone’s fanzine imagines life as Bey’s best friend (don’t lie, you do it too.)

– How real is Bey’s real? Our fave NYC club kid/vegan makeup entrepreneur gets into it via a hella cute self portrait series, What Is Pretty.

– Caitlin Donohue runs into an asshole in a club who makes her reconsider her relationship to the Queen. Who’s Your Bey?

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