By Maria Fernanda Molins

At one point a magazine called me to see if I was available to take a picture of a musician who was performing at music festival here in Mexico City. I said yes, I went there at 7 p.m. and apparently the dude wasn’t in the mood for pictures. He said, I can do it … well, MAYBE at 1 a.m. before we go to the venue. I said pff, no way. I wasn’t in the mood to wait for someone until 1 a.m. when I wasn’t even getting paid. And the guy who was writing the interview for the magazine was like ARE YOU FOR REAL? DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS? HE’S HUGE. And I was like, IS HE BEYONCÉ?


So nope, I won’t wait until 1 a.m. to take a picture of him without getting paid. And the writer was like, so what are your plans then? and I said DUH GO TO MY HOUSE AND DRINK BEER WHILE CRYING BECAUSE IM SAD WHILE LISTENING TO BEYONCE. Isn’t it obvious?

Model: Mariana

Stylist: Zaid Díaz

Hair and Make-up: Adrián Glez

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER Maria Fernanda Molins is a person who does things—mostly photography. She likes to sing and loves her friends and the sea. She’s comforted by Hello Kitty and the combination of pink and orange.

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