Written and illustrated by Antone

Do you ever bike around and pop your booty while standing on your petals and pretend you just rolled up to a disco glow coming from a dark, cocaine sprinkled roller rink?

Do you ever pop your zits in the mirror and say to yourself, “Dang. Pretty hurts you guys”?

Do you ever hold your dog and pretend you’re walking to a private sandy beach looking fine as hell?

Do you ever get home from a long day of work, walk into your grimy ass room, strip down to your jockstrap, fall onto your bed pretending that you look really good and it’s all in slow motion and black and white?

Do you ever go out to the corner store to grab a six-pack of Heineken at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday, and it seems as if you’re simultaneously running towards someone and away from someone, whilst your eyes get hella watery and you look all serious and deep and emotional and longing and loving and stuff?

Do you ever get engaged to a really rad dude and he gives you a sick ass ring and you flash your hand backwards and forward being all like, “goddamn-goddamn!”?

Do you ever get on public transportation and you see an open seat and instead of just sitting in that seat you crawl into it with an arched back, booty out, with this rad purple silhouette back lighting as you whip yourself into the chair — er — seat thingy looking fuckin’ sexy as shit, and the person across from you is not some tool in a business suit, but rather Jay-Z smoking a cigar and having a drink watching you dance for him?

If you haven’t fantasized about any of the above things you either are:

a) Oblivious to who Beyoncé is (which is impossible)

b) A total liar. Because who doesn’t pretend like this?

It’s fun playing with all these stories, visions and fantasies that are running wild just beneath the surface of our skin. They influence us so much and it’s beautiful to watch them rise above the depths of our imaginations and into our realities, to see the point where fantasy and and reality meet. Say for example, I go out dancing and a song comes on about ballin’ all hard with a bunch of fine ass hoes, partying, and throwing money — excessive behavior, sex and stuff around, it’s fun to play a character of myself doing just that. Only I’m not surrounded by fine ass hoes. I’m surrounded by my unconventionally babely homies (who are also fine ass hoes — but you get the point). My bank account is in the negative. I’m most likely not going to end my night with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll because I have to get home to my dog and work in the morning. But casting yourself in that role is really dang fun to do! That’s what these images are all about.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Antone is a crayon kid with a seahorse heart. He currently resides in San Francisco and is growing his courage in order to tell his stories through writing, illustrating, filmmaking, photography, performance art and dance. He gets his inspiration from imperfections, flowers, vulnerability, monotony, the overlooked, radical politeness, deep space, worn-thin clothes and shoes, dream worlds and subtlety.

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