By Blake Karamazov 

Ask a Beyoncé fan to describe her and the most-often used term to come out of their mouth might be “perfection.” Perfection is an easy conclusion to come to in this case. Bey is doubtlessly, a larger than life superstar diva of perfection. That stunning body, incredible voice, power couple status, complete media saturation. It’s acknowledged that she is on another level than the rest of us. On this year’s TIME Magazine list of 100 most influential people, she’s listed in the “Titans” category.

But as one of my favorite authors John Green once wrote, “What a treacherous thing it is to believe that a person is more than a person.”

With the Visual Album, Beyoncé gave us unprecedented access to her “personal life”. She showed herself as a mother, as a bare-faced artist in the recording studio, as a sweaty gym rat, as someone who has both won and lost and who is ultimately just as tangible and human as the rest of us. Whether these reveals were true glimpses into Bey’s real life or merely new additions to her mythology, is a valid matter for debate. Nonetheless, we saw a less polished side of her than we have ever before.

As a creature of the nightlife who makes her money in the beauty industry, I have always presented a highly curated version of myself. I don’t leave the house until I’m completely glossed, and will spend an embarrassing amount of time shooting and editing that perfect selfie. That’s not to say that I’m not my authentic self when I’m done up — high glamour is one of the many sides to me as a person.

What follows is my tribute to stripping down, embracing mistakes and rebelling against perfection. This a collection of snapshots from my life. Just like Bey, I didn’t give up the masquerade entirely, but trust me that it’s more than I’ve ever been able to put out there before now. And it’s possible that one learns more from what has been left backstage than from the things that shine in the spotlight.

Additional photographer: Kelsey Mars

I took the top right shot the night before I moved to New York City with absolutely no job or apartment lined up. I was absolutely terrified. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Blake Karamazov is a glamorous alien drag princess babydoll makeup artist living in New York City & San Francisco. She is the founder of vegan makeup line Swagger Cosmetics and spends a lot of time eating soylent and daydreaming about ordinary objects in heart shapes.

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