Is it us, or is Mercury constantly in retrograde? Known as the planet which rules communication, Mercury looks like it moves backwards (it actually doesn’t but you can read more about it here) three times a year. What that means for all of us astrologically minded individuals is that shit gets hella hectic. So, if you lose everything and find a bunch of random things, if random folks from your past start calling and appearing on your timeline and if all your electronics seem to be going on the fritz don’t stress because it’s all due to Mercury going into retrograde (stressed face emoji). We at 4U Mag suggest you check out these super cute events that will hopefully ease the pain of this bizarre astrological time.


Kevin Hoskins, also known as DJ Downey purveyor of beats at drag party Club Some Thing is starting a new party tonight and the theme is kittens. We don’t think there will actually be any kittens there, but there will be delicious cocktails, guest DJ Sergio Fedasz of Go Bang will be spinning and performance legend Gina La Divina will be working the door. KITTENS (10PM-2AM // $5 // SF OASIS // MORE)

The astrological goddess says never to start something new while Mercury is in retrograde, but with co-conspirators like punk rock legend Brontez Purnell, Queen Crescent drummer Brown Amy and Castro darling DJ Robert Jeffery, Oakland’s newest queer social ACTIVITY (10PM-2AM // FREE // VINYL OAKLAND // MORE) promises to be the coolest thing to happen to the East Bay in a long time.


4U Mag contributor and performance artist Mica Sigourney premieres his newest work FOR THE GLORY- A SOLO SHOW ABOUT WHITENESS (FRI & SAT, 8PM // $17 – $750 SLIDING SCALE // COUNTER PULSE // MORE). The show will touch on topics such as racism in America, colonialism, appropriation and whiteness. Sigourney always delivers dynamic thought-provoking performances and we’re sure For the Glory will be just that.

4U editor Kelly Lovemonster’s queer hip hop and performance party SWAGGER LIKE US (10PM-2AM // $10 // THE ELBOW ROOM // MORE) promises to make you drip sweat. Featuring a live performance by rapper Eli Marrs, Guest DJ sets by Motive and Oakland’s DJ Essex and of course resident DJ davO of Double Duchess slaying the beats.


Seattle’s DJ Nark brings his debaucherously sexy party DICKSLAP (9PM-2AM // $10 // THE SF EAGLE // MORE) back to SF. Barely dressed go-go boys, deliciously playful shot babes and of course SF’s hottest bbs all swarming the back patio of the Eagle. Seattle DJ Riff Raff and Bay Area DJ Doc Sleep will be curating the sounds for the evening.

Drag personality Boy Young and DJ Primo present another edition of their underground dive party WOMAN (10PM-2AM // $5 // THE KNOCKOUT // MORE). TBH this party is one of our faves, always featuring the weirdest drag shows, the hottest music and the stiffest drinks in the Mission.


We’re not really into sports at 4U Mag. Ok, that’s totally a lie. Did you know that your editor Cat used to be like MVP on her basketball team? [NOTE FROM CAT: HI I WAS ACTUALLY BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER] If you’re going to watch the game this weekend, may we suggest the SUPER BOWL AT VIRGIL’S SEA ROOM (3PM // FREE // VIRGIL’S SEA ROOM // MORE). We like to think that Virgil’s is your perfect mix of jocks, queer bbs, hipsters and turn up kids.

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