By Caitlin Donohue

No one ever comes to the club at 10pm in Mexico City.

But we opened the doors at 10pm and there were people waiting to come into the launch party for our recent Bey 4U Issue. By 11pm (also a time at which no one comes to the club in Mexico City) there was a totally respectable crowd on the dancefloor, twerking to Rosa Pistola’s debut set as a reggaetón DJ. A lot of the people there were wearing mesh, a lot of girls had shaved off portions or all of the hair. A few were waving cartons of cranberry juice and vodka in the air very enthusiastically.

Even as she embarks on what I hope is a really cute international DJ career (let’s be honest, reggaetón could always use another bad chick) Rosa Pistola a.k.a. Laura Puentes is already setting the aesthetic with her clothing boutique in Colonia Juarez. You can shop it online if you’re not lucky enough to live in Mexico City.

She’s kind of my role model, so I’m stoked that she recorded her first mixtape for the 4U series. To celebrate, we sent each other emails:

4U MAG :: Dime algo sobre este mix. Influencias? En donde debe escucharlo la gente?
ROSA PISTOLA :: Este mixtape esta influenciado por los perreos del Estado de México y es perfecto para las gatitas revoltosas.

Fue tu primero mix. Como fue la experiencia de grabarlo?
Me tomó mucho tiempo y lo tuve que hacer muchas veces, pero me divierté y bailé.

Ya haces mil cosas. Porque quieres ser DJ?
Porque quiero dinero, dinero, dinero … dinero.

Porque te gusta el reggaetón?
Me parece romántico, me recuerda a mi tierra y esta bueno pa’ bailar pegadito.

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