Top photo of our winner by Raynie Alexander Vratari/Club 1994

A San Francisco performer turned in a stunning rendition of “Blue” to snag Mexico City artist Manuel Solano’s Internet-important Beyoncé frock in our very first reader’s contest. Here’s Manuel on his judging process.

Dear Contestants,

Thank you for each of your submissions. I listened to each and every one of your performances and, though I couldn’t honestly say I remember each and every one of them, I do remember each and every one of them having each a beauty of their own. I’m sorry, but it also needs to be said that I don’t know most of the songs you people are singing. I am afraid I am not all that acquainted with all off Beyoncé’s discography. Sorry, I’m not perfect. Nobody is perfect. Except perhaps Beyoncé.

Anyways, I appreciate your participation very dearly and I wish you all the best. Or at least that you don’t end up unwittingly becoming known on the web for an unflattering picture of yourselves wearing this strange and beautiful garment, the way I did.

Winner: Bebe Huxley

Dear Bebe,

I have been severely depressed lately. And your song was soothing and relieving. Your singing is delicate and small, but fully bodied and beautiful. I’m told the lighting in your video is perfect and that you’re singing in a parking lot. I like parking lots a lot. I’m told your name is Bebe. I like that name a lot. 

First Runner-Up: Vain Hein

Dear Vain Hein,

Your song was strange yet strangely rhythmic.and I couldn’t tell if you’re a man or a woman, something I always appreciate and strive for in life in general.

Second Runner-Up: Manuel D Lira

Dear Manu,

I don’t remember which name you submitted your performance under, but I recognized your voice. Your song was weird and creepy, but also cute. I was a little bit scared, though.

I give thanks for all of you and thanks 4U,

Manuel Solano.

Get life as you travel through our other #beydress4u contestants. Love you guys.

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