And to celebrate 4U Mag is going to s/o some special black women past and present who are the truth, and who have made America/the world a much better place, TBH.

American black science fiction writer Octavia Butler has written many incredible novels that highlight the fact black people will make it to the future. Recipient of the Genius Grant and multiple-time winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards, Butler’s career was short lived. She died at the age of 36. Haven’t read any Butler? We recommend starting with the Parable series which takes place in the near future and has a serious end of days Bay Area moment. But since, the apocalypse isn’t here yet, check out all these rad things happening in the Bay this weekend.

The de Young Museum currently has an incredible exhibit called EMBODIMENTS: MASTERWORKS OF AFRICAN FIGURATIVE SCULPTURE (9:30AM-5:15PM // $10 GENERAL // DE YOUNG MUSEUM // MORE) on display. The exhibit features iconic sub-Saharan sculptures that pay homage to the human form. If you’re looking for a cute cultural moment this weekend we recommend heading into Golden Gate Park and making a visit.


Call K. MICHELLE (9PM // $32-99 // MEZZANINE // MORE) thirsty if you want – but the singer and reality TV show star is one of our favorite personalities in R&B. Imagine, her 2012 album was called 0 Fucks Given, and she really really doesn’t have them to dole out. Tonight she performs with a live band. You can attend a meet and greet session if you’re really really down and have that extra $.

San Francisco painter Melissa Dickenson host the opening of her solo exhibit HARD IN THE PAINT (5:30PM-7:30PM // FREE // K. IMPERIAL FINE ART // MORE). Dickenson’s abstract paintings are a combination of individually painted polyethylene film pieces, each act like unique brush strokes layering on top of one another. Hard in the Paint will be on view all February.


It’s a new year and that definitely means the debut of new parties. Welcome to POLYGLAMOROUS (9PM-3AM // $7 // SF OASIS // MORE) a new nightlife event hosted by the BAAAHS crew a.k.a. the big ass amazingly awesome homosexual sheep. We mean, being poly is mos def trending and this party invites you to dance, kiss and repeat your night away at SF’s hottest new venue Oasis. Featuring a guest DJ set from one of fave Seattle DJs Nark.

New Orleans may be the new San Francisco. No — like so many radical events, artist and parties were started and happen in Nola. Case in point, BIG DICKS HOUSE OF BIG BOOBS (9PM-4AM // $10 // SECRET LOCATION // MORE). It’s a sexy performance art party that ask you to come shake your weiner and your breasts. Anyone can sign up to perform and make hella tips $$$. No seriously, they want you to get naked and dance for/with your friends. If hot sexy queer nudity is your thing then this event is right up your ally. There’s a very strict NO PHOTOS, NO TOUCHING, NO BULLSHIT policy.


4U Mag loves an independent publication. If you have an indie mag we want to know about it. STRAIGHT TO HELL & HANDBOOK MAG (9PM-2AM // FREE // SF EAGLE // MORE) are joining forces with bearded drag queen Grace Towers to host a sexy, hairy evening. Both publications will be hosting a model search that evening. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next cover boy. The night will also feature DJs, dancing and some of the hottest cruising in SF.


Internet personality Broke Ass Stuart hosts the 2ND ANNUAL PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY TIME (NOON // $20 // MONARCH // MORE) community event. Your $20 covers your banana suit, some PB&J supplies, and new socks. This moving dance party travels around the Tenderloin and SoMa district handing out sandwiches and clean socks to the homeless. Stuart encourages everyone to bring extra socks and PB&J because obvs you could never have too much of either ❤

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