By Ajai Nicole

Why binge drink or overload on sweets worrying about how you’re still single this year? Don’t take the hater route this Valentine’s Day. Why be so rude to ourselves? Embrace being single this February and do something nice for yourself. Recently, some of the best dates I’ve gone on are the ones for which I’ve had me all to myself. I can’t stress this enough: sexiness, confidence, even romance comes from within. So this V Day when you’re getting ready for your date or to go out with friends dress for you. And remember: Get it. Love it. Hashtag Me.

I absolutely love Makeup Forever’s Aqua Rouge #9 Burgundy — it’s one of my fave long wearing lip colors. I went for #9 from among all the amazing Aqua Rogue colors for this V Day guide because it’s a deep brownish red that compliments pretty much any skin tone. The color is a double-sided tool — one end contains the long wearing lip color that dries to matte and the other, a clear gloss. I personally go without the gloss, and my lips never seem dry // GET IT

Benefit Cosmetics has come out with 3 lip and cheek kits for only $28! I love love getting makeup sets as gifts — they contain just the right amount of makeup to take on the go with you for an easy, fresh natural look. I decided to try the Benefit Cosmetics Feelin’ Dandy kit, which holds a range of natural pink shades and will give you rosy cheeked glow. On some skin tones the Posie tint will disappear, but if that happens to you apply the accompanying blush, it will intensify the shade // GET IT

Love Locket Bath Bombs (left) turn your water pink and pretty (right)

The Lush Love Locket Bath Bomb is the epic, heartwarming, Disneyland firework finale of bath bombs. It will dazzle even most jaded Valentine’s Day haters. I mean look at it, it’s a heart shaped locket! For an easy $10.95 this bath bomb is huge. The sales associate at Lush told me to cut it open when I got home — the locket is supposed to spilt in half and on the inside you’ll find another heart shaped bomb. That’s enough for three baths, people! Once I got the heart open I ran my bath as usual and dropped one of the bombs in the water. As I watched it fizz, it turned my water pink and as an extra surprise, out popped tiny red heart-shaped bits of seaweed that stuck to my body the whole time I bathed! My bathroom smelled of jasmine. It was the best bath I’ve ever taken and seriously, even if you’re the ultimate Valentine’s Day hater and wish horrible tragedies upon all of the couples you know, you deserve to treat yourself // GET IT

Taking a page from last year’s idea of gifting decorated jars, why not put a pie in there? It’s the perfect present for a solo V Day because a single slice fits right in there, and they’re so cute when they’re baked you’ll feel super special. There are two ways of doing the pie-in-the-jar: make the crust, line the jar and add your favorite filling — then either bake them right away or stash in the freezer for later. If you do happen to give one of these cuties to someone else, make sure you tell the person to let it defrost before putting the jar-pie in the oven to bake — otherwise the jar might explode! I’ve had that happen before to a friend a pie to, it wasn’t pretty.

But you are. Happy V Day chickadees!

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