Bay Area performance artists and musicians Saturn Rising and Bebe Huxley know how to create fantasy on stage. When a crowd is present, these two can conjure face, heart, angles, hits, high notes, and steam instantaneously for your live entertainment — whether it be in one of Saturn’s intricate pop-vogue club shows or one of Bebe’s musical interludes at San Francisco’s Aunt Charlie’s Lounge. In these fantasies, both artists are mimicking gender tropes with their own flavor and fire.

In Shades Drawn, a photo series captured by Raynie Alexandria Vratari, Huxley and Jones wanted to eliminate the crowd. What can intimacy between two performers incite in a private fantasy world? Behind drawn shades, the two play lovers push out of their gendered comfort zone into new kinds of drag. It’s a character exploration, a romantic role play. Bebe pushes Saturn further to the femme, and Saturn pushes Bebe further to the masculine. Follow these two as they explore a private collaboration in character, gender, and romance.


Photographed by Raynie Alexandria Vratari

Makeup and Styling: Bebe Huxley

Models: Bebe Huxley and Saturn Rising

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