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Portland’s a casual kind of place, a place where you will wear your hoodie to the most functions and where people really don’t use umbrellas against the daily showers. In a town like this, I’ve never been hellbent on going to the club. I always believed that Portland did grapefruit IPAs, waterfall hikes, and farmer’s markets better than high drama nightlife.

But shame on me, because Portland turns up too. The May 9th edition of DJs Beyondadoubt and Ill Camino‘s longrunning mixed club Queen featured crowd surfing drag queens, squadrons of cutie queers in facial glitter, even an enthusiastic straight couple in mixed florals, the gentleman inexplicably wearing a stuffed pony slung near his crotch. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen more tips thrown at a drag queen as the piles of ones that built up around hostess Pepper Pepper during her number. I fell in love with the tender gaze of a natural-faced rainbow pony person. The venue, Mississippi Studios, has a restaurant on the other side of the wall from the club space where you can eat deep fried ravioli and try to hide from all the people you hated in high school (if you are me.)

4U feels Beyondadoubt always — feel her mixtape for STYLSS Repost while you creep the Queen Scene.

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