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This may be TMI, but the last time I saw producer and DJ Hijo Pródigo f.k.a. Swaguerilla spin records it was in the legendary Chicago sex club, Bijou Theatre. Pródigo played the score while vintage porn played on the cinema screen. As if in a trance, the crowd fucked and danced to Pródigo’s tempos. He controlled us with his ambient sounds and heavy bass.

Also known for his work in the queer Chicago collective Banjee Report, Hijo Pródigo curated this mixtape as an exclusive for 4U Mag’s Vampire Pride issue. Turn your volume all way up, welcome to the underworld.

KELLY LOVEMONSTER:: Have you ever had vampire fantasies?
HIJO PRÓDIGO:: Yes, I fantasize about all type of supernatural creatures.KELLY LOVEMONSTER:: Who are some of your fave vampires?
HIJO PRÓDIGO:: My favorite fictional vampires are Blade and Grace Jones as Katrina in Vamp. The fantasy realm can get pretty white washed, and to see people of color represented on screen in works of fantasy epitomizes the dream/nightmares I want to be a part of. My favorite real vampire is Sade.

KELLY LOVEMONSTER:: Did you always know you wanted to be a DJ/producer?
HIJO PRÓDIGO:: I’ve always worked creatively but my mediums tend to shift over the years. Music has always been an integral part to my upbringing and understanding of the world. I’m not sure if I always knew what I wanted, but I’ve been on this path my whole life and I’m very happy continuing down it.

KELLY LOVEMONSTER:: What are some of your current projects?
HIJO PRÓDIGO:: I’m working on my EP of clubby ambients as well as a mixtape for the FUTUREHOOD label. You can also catch me stunting with my brothers the BANJEE REPORT on tour this summer.

KELLY LOVEMONSTER:: During IML you DJ’d at Men’s Room, a sex party at Chicago’s Bijou theatre. What was it like to DJ during a sex party?
HIJO PRÓDIGO:: The Bijou is so charged with history and horny energy. Playing there infuses the music with depth and urgency. The nature of the party is temporal but the music gives it spiritual dimensions. It’s like fucking someone in the brain. The moment they come into the party you’re inside of them. Being a part of creating this experience for people is an incredible honor.

KELLY LOVEMONSTER:: What was the inspiration for this mix tape?

KELLY LOVEMONSTER:: Do you think this mixtape is suitable for vampires?
HIJO PRÓDIGO:: Yes, I think they’ll find resonance with it.


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