Grecia Colomo is just a norteña surviving among the chilangos, who loves architecture and photography. Grecia Colomo sólo es una norteña sobreviviendo entre chilangos, que ama hacer arquitectura y fotografía.

Blake Cedric is a social media empress/Instagram guru worldwide. He was voted Teen Heartthrob 1995 by his parents. Blake has been making art while under the influence of marijuana for the past 31 years. Blake was in a car accident at the age of 12 leading him to sporadic boners which fuel his creative juices. He designs covers for us.


Jackie Clay aka boopie is a San Francisco based writer.  Originally from Alabama, Clay graduated from California College of the Arts with dual-interdisciplinary degrees; she will be paying Sallie Mae for the rest of her days. Her intellectual work centers on the body and concepts of blackness, but she also writes about white Italian contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft and American artist Larry Rivers. She trolls dating sites. She reads. And most importantly she translates the stars in gif form for us.

Brandon Drew Holmes “Sometimes shade just happens, but really it’s more like a nice lil’ spotlight … just think of me holding a flashlight, but like lazily and with an attitude. Lovingly Shade.” BDH is our Bay Area social calendarist.

Lexi Laphor a.k.a. Femme As Fuck is all about femme visibility and femme pride. Queer. Slut. Feminist. Body Positive. Pro Choice. Pro Sex Work. Witch. Romantic. Polyamorous. She lives in Australia, has a dope online vintage store and writes important things for us.

Amos Mac lives and works in New York as a photographer, writer and publisher. His images have appeared in The New York Times, Interview, Vogue Italia, BUTT Magazine, and OUT. He is a founding editor of Original Plumbing, the seminal quarterly print publication documenting the culture of transgender men. He really enjoys InstagramHe writes and takes photos for us.

Ajai Nicole was born of immaculate conception to be a makeup artist in LA. But years ago she fled north to the Land of Queens and nightlife dreams. Now she runs dancefloors from The Stud to El Rio as DJ Miss Pop, and is AHDM4U’s beauty columnist.

Primo Pitino is a San Francisco DJ and artist who can be found at the Knockout first & third Fridays for Oldies Night, second Fridays for NightBeat, at Amnesia second Saturdays for wild rare deep house and disco vinyl dance party 2 MEN WILL MOVE YOU, Tuesdays at the Make Out Room for Slow Jams, and fourth Saturdays at Edinburgh Castle for “CATWORLD the dance party”.  After moving here in the pursuit of graffiti artist fame in 1997 Primo discovered oldies and R&B 45s thanks to his gang. Later, he uncovered the joys of playing such records, throwing parties, and staying out of jail. 10 years of DJing in San Francisco has made him a very fun DJ. He draws for us.

Porno Bobbie a.k.a. Robert Sanchez crossed AHDM4U’s path in his current role as talent coordinator at, where he wrangles subs and dommes for the world’s largest BDSM website. A porn socialite, a porn encyclopedia — call Bobbie what you like, the man knows more than anyone about who can take a foot up their ass, which models can field five dicks and an electric butt plug with aplomb. You are basically required to follow him on TwitterHe does porn awards for us.

Rye Purvis moved to San Francisco from New Mexico in 2007. She received a BFA in Painting from SFAI last year. Using painting, sculpture, video, and fabric, Rye’s work is a direct commentary on the idealism of females in media, as well as the objectification of more specifically, Native American women in media and history. She makes video for us.

Jenna Riot has been singing/DJing/event planning/ photographing/designing in San Francisco for seven years . By night, she helps throws the infamous Tuesday night queer-girl dance party in the Castro,Switch. She also works in an event collective The House of Babes. When not multitasking in her other areas of expertise you can find her posting favorite fashion pieces to Instagram and scouring the Internet for hot party jamz.

Bradley Roberge is a San Francisco-based photographer who is partial to documentary portraiture in addition to shooting nightlife and food. His most recent project was the 2014 Cub Campcalendar. Find more of his work here. He takes pictures for us.

Samantha Saavedra is an Art Institute of California SF fashion design student from Peru. You can find her and her kitty Frida on Instagram. She lives in the Mission’s notorious Blue House. Check her Tumblr too. She designs covers for us.

Joseph Sackett makes wacky films. He makes wacky films for us.

Emily Savage A transplant from Long Beach, Calif., Emily a.k.a. Tofu and Whiskey has been messing with your Bay Area media since 2008. Her most recent gig was music editor for the San Francisco Bay Guardian. She’s also been SF editor of Poor Taste Mag, photo editor of J. the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, and staff writer/clubs columnist at the Grunion Gazettes. She’s written freelance pieces for SF Weekly, SOMA Mag, Metro.Pop, the Bold Italic, etc. She writes for us.

Akrum Salem is the father of New Orleans’ House of Broel. He cooks, throws the Peacock club in Nola, gives massage, hugs, and is happy to tell you about the last time a daddy shit on him. Find him on Instagramfor instant good vibes. He channels for us.

Mica Sigourney wants to make out with you. Specifically. He’s a drag queen named VivvyAnne ForverMORE! and gets on stage every Friday at the Stud (SF) for club SOME THING. He interviews theoretical concepts for us.

DJ Robin Simmons created Bay Area house monthly Odyssey in a warehouse before he transitioned to parties in legal clubs. He plays amazing music and is a dream unto this earth. He makes us mixtapes.

Andre Torrez moved to the Bay Area from Michigan in 2005. Somewhere along the way he started writing. The bulk of his local music coverage can be found in the SF Bay Guardian and 7× Meanwhile he holds down his Tenderloin studio apartment, watching as the neighborhood slowly changes. You can follow him on Twitter here. He writes for us.

Cle Torres is a butch queen photographer aiming at queer/everybodyz in good color, light, and composition and throws the monthly party disaster that is Club Fist. She shoots for us.

Lauren West is an avid collector and obsessor of all things vintage. As a believer in urban renewal, she’s often found digging around Urban Ore and surfing eBay to find pieces to add to her pile of sacrificial treasures. See what she loves and does on Instagram and Tumblr. She designs covers for us.

Aimee Zawacki is a femmebot, fashion nerd and lover of pop music living in Denver. She enjoys whiskey and flirting and has a blog named Blaklipstick. She asks that you send her something slutty on Instagram.