Electric Cars on Sale

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Despite fears of an EV slowdown, there’s no sign that battery-powered vehicles are collapsing in sales. A number of manufacturers are slashing prices and piling on discounts to move unsold inventory.

Moreover, new clean air rules should amplify the force of market forces pushing buyers toward electric power, which means more electric car on sale over the next few years. Some analysts believe that will lead to a glut of used EVs, especially because the initial wave of models tends to have higher sticker prices than later offerings.

Spark Up Your Drive: Electric Car on Sale

That said, some brands are struggling with the transition to a new generation of vehicles. Ford, for example, sunk millions into a new version of its F-150 pickup last year, but it sold just 25,000 units — less than 5 percent of the 700,000 units of the classic model it sells every year. The company’s Lightning EV electric pickup is also a case study in how EV hype sometimes collides with real-world drivers.

Even so, the best EVs still offer exceptional value compared to internal combustion models. The 2023 Mini Cooper SE shines as a city commuter or first EV for a young driver, while the affordable Hyundai Ioniq 6 offers impressive range and efficiency at a low price. The more expensive Lucid Air combines style and function in an attractive sedan, while the Audi E-Tron GT is a high-performance EV halo car that packs an amazing amount of speed into a sleek package.


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